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Beijing time on November 13, 9:20, 2 wins and 7 losses of San Francisco, 49 people sit at home, to fight 1 win and 7 new York giants, kicked off the tenth week of the regular season. The two teams have played in the 2017 season for the 10th week, and 49 people were overcome 31:21 at home. In this game, 49 people will continue to start quadrants, Nick Mullens, while the giants are still there have not yet Ali Manning.

Counterfeit NFL Jerseys seized by CBP at JFK International Mail FacilityLike Mahms, Jackson begins with a replacement. He became the first quarter from the second half of the 2018 season. In the second grade season, he first full-time held a first time and led the offensive group to play the best level in history, which makes him elected as MVP.

Clemon was coaching in the wrapper in the past 11 seasons. He started from the four-point guard in 2006, and in 2012, it has been promoted as an offensive coordinator, followed by assistant coach. He served as a tactical command task in 2015, but after the season, the coach McCarthaki touched the command.

Cowboy boss Jerry Jones: Player Renewal Negotiation Need to be patientBeijing August 15th is increasingly close to the regular season, Dallas Cowbi fans have more affixed on the three star players of the offensive group.

Crow 4 points Wei Malmar – Jackson: Tour Patrick – MahumusThe MVP in the 2018 season signed a contract with a maximum of more than $ 500 million. The MVP in the 2019 season hopes that there will be the same treatment as a day.

When Bill is currently facing the salary capsule pressure, Glen seems to be a team’s priority goal. In the new season’s salary capsule, it was determined to be 155.27 billion US dollars. According to reports, Bill is one of the five teams that are less than 10 million US dollars in the wage space of the larf.

Rosen said: « I think this is enough to prove his attitude towards fair competition, the test of the team’s future. I am also the same, I will leave the first substitute, I only hope that the red summit can be best, because I person I also hope to enter the super bowl with the team. If Sam is the best site choice this year, I will be very happy to accept it, I will also use my own performance to him, Incentive him to continue progress. « 

The competition in the first position does not affect Bradford to guide yourself. As early as the draft, Bradford has told Runn, will be « pouring » « pouring » in the first round show. It seems that he didn’t lie.

« I am grateful to be MVP and achieve all achievements. (But) I think I am still nothing, » he said. « There is always a progressive space. I just want to continue to advance … I want to win the super bowl of champion. »

But in the past few seasons, the packaging fans have always been strongly hoped to have: Dom Capers will leave. McCarti indicates that injury is one of the reasons why the packaging workformation group has a poor performance.

In addition to 3 star players, cowboy also wants to ultimately and corner, Byron Jones, Jaylon Smith, offensive, Diagon, Collins (La & # 39; El Collins) And defensive cuts of Maliek Collins renewal. The same contract will expire after the end of the 2019 season.

Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President. A few recently reported that Prescot is a contract for $ 40 million average salary. Jerry Jones did not reveal how much details.

« Imagine the following, if you are a driver of a car, you have a car accident, your hand is almost truncated, but you don’t understand the human structure. You look down, you are spurting, you open the door and run to the woods, then Either death is done due to bloodstream. Smart people look down, know their own structure, pressed the wound and then wait for assistance. This is because he has experienced a lot of such things and then did it. So I am pressing Waiting for the wound waiting assistance. This is my experience today. « 

Looking back, all three star players are renewing with cowboy. Prescott and Cooper contract expired after the 2019 season, they all participated in the training camp. The contract is over-term after the end of the 2020 season.

If you can understand that Jones is like a metaphor like bloody horror film, he wants to express it in cowboy and quitt, Dak Prescott, running to Weiqijir – Eli Ezekiel Elliott and External Amari Cooper During the process of renewing negotiations, everyone is preferably calm.

« If we and a player in our players, do you have a better than you discuss (before the season), is it better? The answer is yes, » Jones said. « May make you surprised that we may renew with the player you have not asked. »