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Henry will usher in the fourth year of the career next season, last season Henry first running to the Titan starting, playing the best season, the rush of 1059 yards, the code is 4.9 yards, more 12, all the new high .

Titan’s reserves in running guards are not very sufficient. The first replacement running guard is Di I-Lewis, leaving the patriot to the Titan last year, the code is 3.3 yards, and the new career is low, the second substitute is a member of the special group David – David Fluellen.

Gold is a kick score in the history of the Xiong team, with a total of 1207 points. In addition, his hit hit rate is the same as the first history, reaching 85.4%. The reason why Gould be sicking may be out of two aspects: one is his injury problem, and the second is the reason for wages. Last season, Gould succeeded 6 games in the injury, and the appearance of the appearance was also struggling, missed a shot and two additional points. At the same time, his annual salary reached US $ 3.75 million, and the top five in the same location.

Although Houston will take some time to completely recover, this is a good news for the Chief Defense Group. In October, we believe that Houston is an optimistic reason in the second half of the season, which will let the team think about the defensive tactics in the next half. When healthy, in any array, Houston is one of the best pass shocks in the league.

Texas people’s management and coach / general manager Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) did not publicly expressed the intentional signed Brown, but can imagine whether Watson will affect the team’s decision. After the star outside the star, after the deandre hopkins left the team, Texas made their best to reinforce this location, signed Randall Cobb and deal to get Brandin-Cook. BRANDIN Cooks.

The second week Monday night game Preview: Colts @ JetsAim at winning colt (0-1) upset defeat to Bill team this week at Lucas Oil Stadium home opener naturally must not be lost. Brown’s first battle won easily Jets (1-0) first win of relying on prestige, not without a fight. It will be a spear and shield showdown.

The head coach Mike Frabell (Mike Vrabel) local time Sunday told reporters Henry suffered from calf, and the specific regression date was not known. In the training in the team on Friday, Henry was seen from the leg. However, according to the NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort, the Titan team is optimistic about Henry’s injury.

Ma offseason As for the attack is not set, the defense team also signed striker Longford, change the play from the front end 4-3 3-4 outside linebacker Trent – Cole, the two veteran will make a small anti-horse run and pass rush ability to be promoted. However, the offense is the same group, pony defense group the first week of the same poor performance, so Bill took over 342 yards. Colts coach Pagano was defensive coordinator this background, he needs to be held responsible. After all, pony stop playoffs the past two seasons, defeat the Patriots are defensive crash and have a great relationship. From brand face, outside linebacker combination Cole, Walden players are rushed pass. Inside linebacker De Kuien – Jackson rich experience, Jie Leier – Freeman vibrant. Cornerback Fontana – Davis has been among the league cornerback class ranks. Security guard in the league and Lori Adams has been starting. This combination in the league is also very show for. How will the strength of the paper transposed into court advantage, which is currently the biggest problem pony. AFC South the other teams are currently hard to threaten to partition the top spot pony, pony but want to meddle in the championship, played defensive group is currently far from the lack of sufficient convincing.

Quartz Wearten agreed that Texas should sign at Antonio – BrownA few days ago, there was a report that Houston Texas is one of the teams that have a few intentions to take over Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown).

Viking people have taken the top of the new crown reserve list US Time announced in the afternoon, Viking official announced that the professional bowl level outside the Adam Thielen was added to the new crown reserve list.

Simlun still has the opportunity to participate in the game of black panther. Last week, Viking C. J. Ham (C. J. Ham) was added to the new crown reserve on Thursday, but it was still involved in the three-day competition. However, browse around this website only applies to close contact.

Jets offensive team in the offseason, the same people « impressive », the biggest news is the main quarterback Keno – deadbeat does not pay back the money because Smith was beaten meal punching teammate facial fractures, which makes the number of « Next G » big beard quarterback Fitzpatrick once again sit on the main location. Always do not aim at and seek only the wind touches the ball Jets offensive group reduces the risk of errors, the first week of 179 yards a touchdown and 2 steals is a typical « game manager » play (gamemanager, meaning refers to the road the main attack, the quarterback but for the sound, not necessarily the top level). And pony offensive weapon kaleidoscope want more than the Jets rely on three major offensive group play, wide receiver Eric combination – Dirk and transaction comes from the Bears Brandon – Marshall (6 pick 62 yards), and powerful running back Chris – Avery (91 yards rushing). And because the level of mediocre quarterback, the Jets offensive style obviously a steady red ball main (run the ball 36 times, passing 24 times). Offensive line left guard and right tackle Carpenter front Jiekemini former Seahawks teammate, while the two leaders left tackle Alex Ferguson, center Mangold Union is already a famous figure.