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The dismissal is related to the health problems earlier in this spring. When Williams, the brain examined the organizational hyperplasia and must be removed by a doctor. The team doctor failed to find a problem, let Williams are very disappointed, and he has not participated in the mini training camp.

Red Leather Left Pieces Williams will continue to dismissBeijing July 23, US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that the red skin of the mini training camp will continue to tend. Multi-part news pointed out that Williams didn’t have to report with teammates to Wednesday.

At present, the pirate record is 4 wins and 11 losses. They will be in the season to fight against the New Orleans Saints. There have been many speculations about the future of Cit. In the week, he once said that these guess is « people who are distracted. »

The poor performance of the team is not only in the attack. In the 31 game of the command, the team allocation column column column 22, the average of each offense promoted 5.9 yards, ranking in the alliance.

Grunette: Alabama four-point guard is excellent as running guardsWashington Hongdo is very concerned about the performance of running guards in the rookie training camp, including the four-point Webs SiMs, the University of Alabama, BLKE SIMS. After the four-point guard, Sims decided to challenge the identity of the running guard. His performance in the training camp also attracted the attention of the red skin coach Jay-Grunetne (Jay Gruden).

Before serving as the coach, Date is a pirate attack coordinator. The reason why the pirates made him have become a part of the coach. Part of the reason is to better cultivate four-point Wei Jiemeis Winston. After more than 4000 yards for 2 consecutive seasons, Winston’s performance is still incident, and the pirate falls to the bottom of the country. Winston’s four-point guards are progressing every year, but since his mistakes last season, the number of ball translations (39 times) ranks first.

In order to fill the big list vacancy, Wholesale Jerseys the red skin will promote the defensive front line member AJ-Francis from the training lineup. A.j.francis. Francis has played a game in 2015 for the Hawks and Dolphins.

In an interview, Gründen told reporters that Sims performance seems to have an experienced running guard. Height is 5 fet, 11-inch of the weight of 218 pounds of Xitas is very limited, which also limits him to become a professional quarter-saving. On the contrary, he served as an running guard in the university rookie season, and he was also good at rushing when he was a quarter. In the alliance, there is no lack of players who have served as quadruplicate and post-changing positions, such as Hines Ward, Joshua Cribbs and Julian – Julian EDELMAN). Their success also provides a reference for Sims’s future.

At the same time, there is no lack of running guards in the Red Leather Team. To squeeze into 53 people’s list, Sims also needs to continue to work. According to a matter of concern, Sims will also try to take hands out of the trough.