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Breddy lyric text caused by wifeTom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s husband and wife relationships are enviable, especially in social media. Whether in Instagram or a Facebook, this is not a love for each other.

Hyde last season is Temple’s effectiveness, 245 shots, pushes 1070 yards, and 6 times. At present, the Eagle Ecruny is also included in Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, Travis Homer and Xiu Die Dhas (Deejay) Dallas).

The two-year cutaway Alejandro Villanueva has completed the rest of the game. This is the second major strike they encountered for the steel person’s offensive front line. Previously, the career bowl was injured in Maurakice Pouncey, and the team had to enable Cody Wallace.

In the pirate, Gronoski will wear familiar 87. In addition to the photo, the pirate also released a video of Gronoski received a video of the jersey in a few weeks ago. In the video, he said he would take the new jersey as a Mother’s Day gift.

The Hawks have recently actively contact Dudea Freeman, but on Friday, the parties meet problems in contract negotiations. Marshawn Lynch has also revealed the intention of returning to the Hawks, but Hyde’s arrival makes this reconstitation.

The Alliance and the player will have basically consequentially agree on the selection of voluntarily to participate in the season. At the same time, if the game is canceled due to epidemic, the players will agree with the alliance. At present, the details still need to further discuss it.

As a seven-round show in the season, this year is a contract year than the Tiem. He has a chance to win a big contract through its own strength, but this injury makes everything becoming unknown. The 26-year-old Bisher’s future is still looking forward to, but this young disapper first needs to overcome the injury.

In addition, the players will also say that the number of people who are expected to be a lot of people will be reduced to 80 people in the training camp. cheap nfl jerseys from china currently does not agree to the list of 80 people’s list.

« Dian Deli told me this, » 文 said. « (O’Brien) told Dian Delie – Hopkins, & lsquo; Hey, the last time I got this meeting, that is And Alonaddz. & Rsquo; … (Hope Kings) said, & lsquo; Michael, he will say this and really let me be shocked. I have never causing trouble. I don’t know why he is equivalent to Alon – Ernandz. & Rsquo; « 

Informed people revealed that Hopkins’ brokers came forward to Texas that Hopkins needed a year of contracts with average annual salary to $ 20 million. The team is told that if not satisfied, Hopkins will choose to dismiss. So Texas decided to trade.

Steelman is reimbursed than RhettiThe Pittsburgh Steptor offensive left cut Kyle, Kelvin Beachum, is over. Mike Tomlin said that this all-around disappearance in the game with Arizona, the knee crossed ligament torn, will not be able to play in the rest of this season.

On Monday, the Alliance had proposed only a preseason, but after half a day, changed the idea, proposed to completely cancel the season. The NFL and the player will have been stalemate for a long time, and the alliance has always hoped to play two presections, and the players will insist on the player’s personal health and safety, they should directly cancel the season.

« After that, the meeting atmosphere turned sharply, » 文 said. « (O’Brien) began to talk about Dian Delie – Hopkins & mdash; & mdash; (he) and different women have children. (O’Brien) Tell Dian Deiren he doesn’t like him sometimes put the child mother Brought into the team. After that, the relationship between the two parties worse, so we saw that Houston Texas used Dian Deli-Hopkins found that there was no exchange, this is because of the relationships between the two « 

Hopkins later responded to the comment on Ehe: « This is exaggerated. As I said before, I like to stay in the days of Texas and proud. I am from O’Brien The coach is very respectful, this will not change. Now, I am ready to play. « 

Among the ESPN programs on Wednesday, guests Michael Irvin claimed to talk to Hopkins after trading. Hopkins said that it is comparable to O’Brien relationship because O’Brien’s close-up Aaron Hernandez is compared in a meeting. Ernandz was sentenced to murder in 2015 and committed suicide in prison.

NFLPA notifies the player’s big list will be reduced to 80 people, and the preseason is canceled.US Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, the players will notify members in the Tuesday’s remote conference, and will cancel the season in the 2020 season.

External hand Hopkins denied the relationship between the Texas people’s coach O’BrienDian Deandre Hopkins denied the rule of the Social Media on the social media on social media on Wednesday, and therefore the rumors of Bill O’Brien Bill O’Brien and therefore traded to Arizona.

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Ponbi will be 30 years old this year, he is the first round show in 2010 in 2010, and it has been a member of the backbone since the team. Pang Xi’s career has been selected for the best lineup of the United States association (2011, 2014), seven times selection of professional bowls.

[Offensive Flat] series of pistol stylusOne of the common offensive stages in the pistol offensive formation, many modern playing strategies in the formation are created by the chris AULT of Ren Nenevad University Team. In 2005, CHRIS AULT was created in 2005. The pistol formation is based on the basis of traditional bullet gun arrays and single-guards. In this formation, the quadrant standing is about 4 yards after the center of the center, and the 7 yards in the bullet gun are short of 7 yards; and different from the scattered gun array, four-defense and running guard side, pistol attack The running guard station is approximately 3 yards in the four-point guard. Under normal circumstances, in the pistol formation, the four-guards have given them more advantages. For example, when fighting the ball, you can better read the defense of the other party; and attack the ball attack When they can have enough time to choose the best passage. Therefore, the pistol-type offense is considered to be a flexible and multi-changing offensive means, especially when the four-guards themselves have a polve power, the defensive side is difficult to judge the true intention of the entrance. Through reading, it is that the four-dimensional guard is based on the defensive end, and the flexibility of the pistol-type flexibility can be further strengthened when the defensive end is brought by the defensive end.

External hand whit, attack cuta, Matthews, returning to Falcon trainingWhen Atlantian Femplay is about to come to the Familia of Fame, when the night match next Monday, they are close to the people’s uniform state.

Steelman and Mather – Ponxi, Raun – Foster RenewalBeijing March 8th, US Time is announced on Thursday, and the steel man is officially announced, and the MAURKICE PUNCEY will continue to 2021, with the harmonter-Foster renewed. year.

According to ESPN, the Falcon has ushered in Roddy White and the left disappearance Jake Matthews regression training. White has not participated in training since August 23, and Matthew has been plagued by back.

Yang is the 2016 Rinced Wheel Show, the new show season in the new show. But after the knee crossed ligament tear was missing in the 2017 season. Last season, the rapid returning, playing 15 games, first of whom, a total of 37 hugs, one copy and 5 times destroyed.

[Event Review] Pony 28-27 reverses the giant, continuing the playoffs hopeOn December 24th, although the horsaw half is over the end of the third section, it is still 10 points before the end of the third section, but eventually relies on the four-point guardian Andrew Luck in the game. 55 seconds. The 1 code line with Chester Rogers will reach the ratio of 28-27, followed by the defensive group to visit the Malik Hooker Cassered giant quartz Wei Yilai Man The alone of Eli Manning is thoroughly killed.

Due to the spontaneous sputum injury, it is not participating in the crow to lose to lightning. He accepted surgery in January, which is expected to participate in the training project of the crow seasons.

Pistol stylus is used to read selective offensive, such tactical differences in traditional offensive models mainly determine or execute on defensive situation, and the pistol stamps are more dependent on the four-point guards, especially for individual defensive players intent. Reading capabilities.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero, the new contract will make Ponbi’s annual salary of 11 million US dollars and become the highest in the alliance center. The Fosster contract is approximately $ 8.25 million.

At this time, the outer junction will have the powder to debut. The outer junction can go to the edge of the defensive end, block the opponent’s defensive sword to fill the defensive vulnerability. In this example, the latter attracts the other party to defend the other party to protect the opponent’s defensive end. External picking at this time, attract angular guards and guidelines at the edge of the array.

This clearly means that White should be able to work with the star E. Jones (Julio Jones). At the same time, in the last year’s rookie season, the poor Matthew telling the reporter in this summer, he is very suitable for the offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s regional running system.

Crow with the angle Thai Von – Yang continued for about three years Beijing February 22, US Time Thursday, according to cheap Nfl Jerseys from china NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, the crow is a contract for $ 38.8 million in Tavon Young, the highest salary It can reach $ 29 million. Yang thisder then also confirmed this news in Twitter.

It is reported that the team has determined that it is cut off him to ensure that the team’s list is reduced to 75 people. The previous Hawks tried to transform Brownner from corner guard into security, but did not play significant role.

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In the 2014 season, under the leadership of Chris Klieman under the leader of Chris Klieman, North Dakota started a new battle. Before the Bison, Taylor said that the Bison wants to continue their brilliance and have nothing to think about the outside world. difficulty.

North Dakota State Bull Team established the FCS Championship DynastyNorth Dakota seems to have been hidden in many teams in the Midwest FCS, and there is no doubt that the Bison has begun its football dynasty. The North Dakota University team won the 3rd FCS Championship under the leadership of Craig Bohl, which is the Nick Saban and the St. Nick Saban. – KNUTE ROCKNE is not completed.

« I can’t wait to want to take it twice this year, and there is still a big late year next year, » Carrier said he told his father. « Our family is very good. We compete in everything. This is only an aspect of competition. We all excited. I am very excited to join the Chief of Kansas City and help them … pain … Flat raid and NFL other teams. « 

Cowboy offers Versailde Ash indicates that the neck injury is not a problem.Denim Wash Esch is ready to return to the stadium. He told reporters in an interview that he has recovered from the neck surgery in January.

Before Miami found their selection, Fitz Patrick will lead the team to bring the team to bring the team to the position of the 2020 elected manor, or you may have the hope of entering the playoffs. The only thing that can be determined is that he will not bore in Miami’s days.

In the past two seasons, Sercy is the first two-line free players in the official website of the official website. Previously, Titan had tried back Bernard Pollaard, and the arrival of Sercy will compensate for the vacancies he left. Titan looks at the excellent anti-running capabilities of Huscy, and the team has confidence in Those to integrate the existing defensive system.

After joining the team, Fitz Patrick became the most senior quarter-sanctuary for dolphins. In the front of him, there is only Jake Rudock and Luke Falk. The two have added only 5 times of 3 games in 3 games in four seasons.

Taylor said: « When people discuss some people’s departure, such as I or Kraig, this is not personal to affect. Do you have a culture of victory? Do you have a crowd for your culture? This is I will Northern University is staying for so long. « 

Titan and the Former Safety Weisi Signing for 4 yearsAccording to NFL official website reporters, the front Buffalo Biri Safety San Jols Sercy (Norris Searcy) has reached an agreement with Tennessee Titan, a contract worth $ 24 million, of which 10.5 million is guaranteed .

Recently, North Dakota University gradually entered the vision of the media, and the Bison relied on the unique ball in 2013, the 12th champion slammed the 12th champion Qi Kansas State University. This game was also subjected to ESPN. The focus of the event. In the Sauni Publ resigned, the main coach was awarded, and the original spokesperson Gil-Taylor also left the team.

In dolphins, Fitz Patrick should be the first season in the 2019 season. After the employment of Brian Flores, the dolphins were considered to be rebuilt, they would choose a future main quarter-saving in this year or next year. Dolphins held the 13th selection of this year this year, but it was reported that their favorite people were qualified to participate in the election of the draft, Alabama, 4-point, Tu, Turova (Tu & # 39; A Tagovailoa ).

Previously, Fitz Patrick was effective for Tampawan pirates for 2 seasons, and even the first opportunity, he had a total of 14 games, including 10 games. But the most compelling is the first 3 games last season. When Jameis Winston, the Fitz Patrick has passed more than 400 yards due to the ban, and completed 11 passes of the ball. But then his magic suddenly disappeared, and he had four passions in the third week and the fourth week, and therefore lost his debut. When he got a chance to start the chance, he got lost at the 3 games.

In the 8 NFL season he served as a coordinator, the total number of collections were ranked 22.4 digits, scored 18.9 bits. Among them, 8 yards were 8 in 22, and 6 were scored in 18 or less. The only two items entered the top three were in the 2015 season, the black panther kills into the super bowl.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Fitz Patrick and the dolphins were signed for 2 years according to the inspectors, and the contract was 11 million US dollars. This is the 8th NFL team he joined, and it is also the third American Liandong District team.

Vande Ash will also participate in other lunar training programs, but because new crown epidemics can only wait until the training camp will return to the court. He has been training privately and plans to wear additional equipment this season.

Previously, the New York Giants also showed very strong interests in Sercy, but the final two sides did not further. Titan is very silent in this break, and the team’s new promotion coach Dick LeBeau is not rushing to find star players, and he firmly believes that Titan will continue to improve on the existing lineup. In addition, Titan will hold the No. 2 sign in the draft, whether or not to choose a transaction, the team has confidence to make great reinforcement through the draft.

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The alliance considers the number of people who are not restricted from returning from injury reserves.When the epidemic may affect the normal held in the new season, NFL is considering how to help the team respond to the presence of multiple player virus test results.

Mason told ESPN in an interview said: « Trudeau – Mason still here, give me the ball, I’ll take you to fly, and this is how I am feeling. » Mason Height 5 feet 8 and weighing 207 lbs, for a running rhythm ability to control the conversion of a first class, so even if the team chose gifted gorlice, people still will naturally put Mason as a strong competitor. Mason The only downside is that is mediocre ability to let the ball he can not be a legitimate third gear running back, which is gorlice excels.

John Fox, John Fox, took arson against Alice’s remarks, he said: « I have exchanged after the game, I have a year of 35 years, but it is so long but also Not short, this action is not the most dirtie thing I have ever seen. « For this, the parties Thomas also explained that he did not intend to hurt anyone, he and Krady were not the kind of » stadium killer « , this happened Unfortunately, I am regrettable.

According to Perry Roose, the players still need to enter the big list to be eligible to return from the injury reserves. Under the current rules, three players can return from the injury reserves after 8 weeks after at least 8 weeks.

Jagua Safety Weihe Prien will absence all the preseasonJacksonville American Tiger encountered a bad news in the first week of the preseason, near-Terrier Juli Lezhais Thomas reimbursement. Local time Saturday, the team coach Gas Bradley announced that the team safety Weijanon-Hiplien will not appear in the preseason.

But the current competitive atmosphere within the team can feel more and more concentrated, when a reporter asked to think of gorlice Mason Mason replied: « gorlice now is my teammate, so if you want to know about him information can easily ask him, that’s my view. « 

This 31-year-old coach is not limited by the new coach Mike McCarthy, and the olive branch of the University of Washington, Washington. Washington University hopes that he can serve as an offensive coordinator under the Jimmy Lake of Jimmy Lake. However, it seems that Moore prefer to stay in the professional alliance. In the past three seasons, he has been in the four-dimensional coach from the replacement of the cowboy, and then the current offensive coordinator.

NFL TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reports that one of the recommendations recommended by the NFL Competition is that the number of players who do not restrict all kinds of teams that can return to big lists from injury reserves and non-rugby injury lists. And the mandatory absence of players who put the injury reserve will drop from 8 games to 3 games.

The 25-year-old Hiplin is considered to be one of the most potential young security guards. According to the rankings of PFF, he only column 84 in 170 qualified participation in the ranking. The new season, Hiprian hopes to complete a complete season, thus prove its ability.

Mason confidence, fear of competition within the team the RamsSt. Louis Rams in this year’s NBA draft, selected running back Todd signed first-round 10 – gorlice (Todd Gurley), intended to focus on training them. However, because gorlice suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the knee before last November, there has been in a state of recovery among. The gorlice’s absence, gave the team another running back outside Trudeau – Mason (Tre Mason) opportunities.

Cowboy offensive coordinator Karen Moore is expected to stayUS time on Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Kellen Moore is expected to be reserved in Kellen Moore according to nfl jerseys NetWork reporters.

In the local time on Friday, Hiprien’s fingers were injured and will receive surgery in the near future. If everything goes well, he can still recover before the beginning of the regular season. During the Haplion break, Josh Evans and Craig Loston will share the appearance time.

In the past, more players can return from the injury reserve list because the team is considered to put the young players in the injury reserve list to prevent them from adding other teams. Perrisir said that the current alliance is more worried that there is enough players in the team array.

The wild horse coach denied that the red squat chief questioned the speech of the wild horse.In the fifth week of Arizona, Tita Challenge Denver Wom Horse, Julius Thomas and Left Piece Ryan Kadi Di (Ryan Clady) against the red scitch defensive end Kales – Campbell Calais Campbell conducted a strong lower body block, resulting in a sprain of the outer ligament of Campbell knee, which is expected to be absent from 2 to 4 weeks. After the game, the squat aria was angry, this blocking is the most dirtiest movement you have seen in 37 years, and some players play too dirty, and must be punished.

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After getting a 962 yard in the 2017 season, it is no longer in the past, and the injury has been difficult to stabilize. But the NFL team has always valued fast players, while Gudewords can play their own advantages during health.

Gude Temple was $ 3.95 million in 2020, while 2021 salary was 6.45 million US dollars. If a team wants to bet, he can restore him, this is a contractable contract. Walk away Gude Temperature allows 49 people to save $ 36.656 million salary space.

Donald hopes that our contract can exceed the 6-year $ 114 million contract under 2015, the annual average salary of 190.16 million US dollars in 2015. Most reports pointed out that Donald hopes to get a four-point salary.

49 people have a young external handle, but there is currently a lack of old will be able to stabilize the military heart, which may be one of the reasons why Shanehan insisted not directly cutting the reasons of Gude. In the case of Emmanuel Sanders, 49 people will seek to sign an old will take over the old will have the exacerbation, or they may be tonic.

In the 2002 election, the first round of the first round of the first round, the Freny figure is relatively small, but his speed is fast, it is very suitable for the Tampa-2 defensive system at the time.

When I was asked, when I meant to him, Braddy replied: « Why do everyone want me to retire? I have been very happy, the team’s results are very good. I know that I am more than most players. I have been elder, but I really enjoy play. I obviously benefited from the experience of playing here. « In addition, Braddy said that it still puts the attention in the super bowl and not retirement.

[Pre-match] Regular season 7th Thursday Night Mustang @ 红雀
The 7th week of the regular season was held on Thursday, the Denver Wild Horse in the Melanie District challenged Arizona Red Spits in the country of Lianxi District. Although the strength of the year of the year, the two teams are struggling. 2 wins and 4 losses of wild horses to meet 1 wins and 5 losses, who can win this battle for dignity?

Arizona ‘s red spotted this season’s performance is expected, and the opening season is like running in the sign. In the face of Minnesota Viking last week, Hongshu was not unexpectedly lost at 17:27. The game, the Tita did not cause a substantial threat to Viking, if not the comfort of the last section, the patriarchari is even more miserable.

« I think they are not reality, » Demov said. « I think they think that their customers have a certain value, and our view is different. For me, this doesn’t mean that one is correct or wrong. I think it is the least wrong in negotiations. To say. We have disagreement, but this does not mean that we are right. They don’t mean that they are right. We are just the generic period. I hope we can find a way to reach a consensus. « 

Pedon – Manning appeared in New Orleans Saint Training Camp
We are hard to let PEYTON Manning away from the American Football Course. Although he chose to retreat but he will play his own ability on the court.

Chairman of the Patriot: Tom Braddy has the right to decide when to retire
New England Patriots President Jonathan Kraft said that the quartz Tom Brady will have the right to decide when to decide when accepting nfl jerseys official website interview.

The other side of the Denver’s wild horse is slightly good, last week’s pair of ram is just 20:23. The defense of the wild horse has restricted the Gaoff audience without passing the ball, but the pavement can’t stop the freedum of Todd Galley, and the latter will take 208 yards to add 2 time. Excellent performance. Attack, Case-Karnam won 322 yards plus 2 reachaes, proved that they still compete for a NFL team’s first four-point guard.

When he hopes to become the highest pay defenders in the history of the league, there is still disagreement between him and the raft. Kevin Demoff, the Ram, Kevin Demoff, revealed that there were different views on the value of Donald on Wednesday.

Although the young age of Virin is getting rid of the opponent offensive cut off in the first step of getting angry. In the pony effect, Freny and teammates Robert Mathis gave huge troubles to opponents.

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Bennet has always been the number one neighborhood that has not allowed to be in our team. He has come to the patriot. He naturally wants to live in Groad, but he has no objection to Jiaolong, he accepts ESPN this Wednesday. I said: « I can play with Gulong. I am quite excited. Because the pressure on the court will not be as big as before. Groner is Batman, I am the Robin around him, so I don’t have Other ideas, just work hard, strive to get stronger every day. He is a top player, so I will definitely wrap again in the new season. « 

Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, said last month: « We must at least let Lawrence a year. Of course, we will do our best to coordinate the contract. If you can’t get the privilege label, you will slowly talk about the contract. Negotiation takes a while, but we will not delay Damus Lawrence. « 

Turner will be responsible for cultivating young quadrant Wien – Haskins (DWAYNE HASKINS). O’Connell has helped Haskins to make progress in the end of the season, play a more active role in the latter growth.

For patriots, there is no doubt that the Rob Gronkowski Rob Gronkowski will affect the strength of the offensive group. In the offset period, the patriot tried various ways to reinforce the near-end front position, but it seems that the Benjamin Watson is full of returning time, Matt Lacosse and Liene – Izo two people will shoulder huge tasks. However, good news is the external hand, Josh gordon, can restore the premiere of the game, although the first round of Show Eneven, Kril Harry (N & LSQUO; KEAL Harry) is placed in the injury reserve list, the old Demarres – The addition of Demaryius Thomas has also strengthened the team’s external walking position. In addition, in the position of the running guard, the patriot has strong staff reserves, and the existence of various types of runners may be able to help patriots find other ways to make up for the loss of Gronoski.

Former sea stolen coach Greg – Westiano returned to Rogies University

Greg Schiano once had the opportunity to coach the best level of defensive group in the history of the history, but he suddenly left the new England patriot as a defensive coordinator in this year. Today he returned to the University of Rogies.

This will be Turner first served as an offensive coordinator in the coaching career, although he was a temporary offensive coordinator for 4 games after being fired by Tiwira. Prior to this, he served as a four-point guard coach in 2018 and 2019, served as a panther attack quality control coach in 2011 and 2012. In addition, he also served as a 1-year experience in Cleveland Bridge, and held a four-year-offers of the four-year-offs in Minnesota Vijing.

Two years ago, Westiano originally arranged to become a coach of Tennessee University, but Tennessee University had to give up him after the fans strongly protest. Now, it is clear that the Rogies University fans strongly called on him to return.

His coaching career reached its peak in 2012, when he was a 10-year outstanding coal at Rogies University, let him become a pirate coach. But he just coached the pirates for 2 years, only 11 games in 32 games.

Lions-11-r.williams-blue-jersey-0125Although the outside world never know what happened to his time in the patriot. Westiano and Patriot coach Bill Bell Belichick has been close, the latter once pretty favorable players from Rogies University, and Zinewiki.Com Belick’s son in Westerniano, the previous time as Roges coach It is the team leader.

The Alliance announced in 2016 to hold on April 28th to 30th. The chartered site of the draft next year has not been determined. This year, this year’s draft is held in Chicago from April 30 to May 2. This is the first draft of Chicago since 1964, in 1965-2014, the draft has been held in New York.

Siano repulsted in 2016 as the Ohio State University Defense Coordinator / Assistant coach. After the Patriot Line Guards Brian Flores left the team to the Miami dolphin, Westiano joined the patriot as a defensive coordinator, but he suddenly resigned in March.

As for other key draft related activities: January 18th is the deadline for the draft of the draft in advance. The list of players who agreed to participate in the draft will be sent to each team on January 22.

In the face of powerful offensive groups, the two team defensive groups will suffer severe tests. When the two teams were confounded last season, the steel man successfully restricted the patriot offensive group score to 10 points. Part of the reason for the success of the steel man’s defensive group lies in the pressure and creative second-line defensive arrangement of Braddy. The new season’s steelman’s defensive group changed, T.J.w.watt should be able to continue the high level of the first two seasons, and the entire defensive group can still maintain the foreigners, but the second-line defense may have hidden dangers. The patriot here, the second-line defensive talents, but it needs to be expected to be old Michael Bennett and the vulnerability caused by the Miki Winovich to fill the shift.

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Before the start of the raid, the package was started before the start of the raid game, Jennis had already used his actual actions to have a quota of a leafe, and he would no longer be worried whether it can be left in the packaging team. In the second week of the season, Jennis completed a beautiful dress, he also laid the position of his team.

Not only is the media gave him a praise, but also the team members of the packaging team to evaluate him. Jordy Nelson, the team’s number one, said that Jennis’ s ability is very appreciated. The team four-point Wei Alon-Rogers said: « You never know why those electors will be very tangled in the performance of Jennis’s line run. » Rogers also said: « He is a real athlete. He runs very fast! He runs according to his own route, caught the ball and exceeds everyone. « It can be seen that the package of the package in the 7th round is really a treasure. It is also no wonder that the US media believes that this is a « stealing » of the package.

In Monday, it has poor performance in Monday, completely completing a 20-yard catching. After the explosion performance in the 2016 season, injuries have always plagued his career. Direct reimbursement in the 2017 season, the 2018 season is absent five games. He has a $ 36 million in December last December last year.

The head coach Sean Payton refused to disclose the details of Engly Ram on Sunday. He said: « He is very well trained, we will decide how to adjust his position on Sunday, it is clear that our bench is very sufficient, we will first look at his recording and decide his game. »

Following the reimbursement of the 2017 season’s neck season, this 27-year-old experience will face the same fate this season. US time on Wednesday, according to the Jet Adam Gase, Isai is injured in the neck in the Sunday, will be reimbursed.

Randaur – Kobe reached 4 years contract regression packageRandall Cobb Recently and Green Bay Package have reached a contract for a 4-year value of 40 million US dollars, which ensures that the outer hand will stay in the package.

On Wednesday, Ingram trained with the saints, he held the ball, brought the ball, and she was ready to prepare for the war lion. On the game, he might wear a support in his hand because his thumb fractured in the second week, but the current reply is very good.

For the crow coach’s speech attack, the patriot four-point Wei Tom Braddy took a role in the first time. Breddy said: « I think they may have a need to study the rules. Every player we present know what we have to do and understand this. I am very happy that we have completed a few key attacks. » Bill Belichick’s tactics received the effect again, we look forward to him to bring us more surprises in the Meet Champions.

In the competition, the patriot used two unconventional tactics. One of them, the patriot arranged to pick up the ball, and directly helped the team to complete the reach. Another time, they once again cheated the crow defense group by replacing legitimate players. Hubble did even rush into the field and even in the field, and in the interview after the game, he also revealed his anger emotion.

« Give me money, » Jordan stressed, « no one can complete the same achievements as him in the first three years. He should get the highest salary. The first three years of catching the number of people in the first three years, the success rate of the ball will explain it. everything. »

The « stealing »! Packaging work selection show seventh roundThe preseason has started three weeks, and the other teams must regret why they did not choose Jeff Janis. And packaging teams, they are completely like stealing, in the seventh round, the new show.

In the prediction before the draft, Jennis will be selected at least in the fourth round. It is surprising that there is no team to choose this excellent and young plus, he knows that the 7th round is green Bay packaging worker selection. In the draft examination camp, Jennis’s 40-yard sprint speed reached 4.42 seconds, which is the fourth faster in all external hands. In the last season of the University, he participated in 12 games, 83 battles successfully advanced 1572 yards and got 14 reached. Such an excellent player is unbelievable in the end of the end.

nfl Jerseys NetWork Data Analyper pointed out that Thomas contributes the first attack in the case of small differences, but also has a very large ball (without ball influence, there is no impact on the defenders when there is no ball / pass. For example, a wrapped or dragged the opponent’s strongest defensive guards.

Braddy: Crow should study the rulesThe new England patriots completed a classic game, and the Baldo Crow was talked into the United States. However, the crow coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) is uncomfortable for this loss, he believes that the patriots used in the competition is a kind of deception.

Jordan is not bad. Thomas broke the record of the number of balls in the top three years, completing 321 times, promoted 3787 yards, reached 23 times. Last year, his success rate was 85% (125/147), and the alliance was the highest. He also completed 75 first-rate conversion, and the third of the league.

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Thomas fought 46 games for 49 people, got 93 hugs 6 times. In the first three seasons, Thomas is difficult to make an impact on the field. After continuing to invest in the defensive front line, 49 people no longer need to retain Thomas to determine if he can fulfill its potential.

Akang has previously voted against the new CBA, but also a member of the National Labor Relations Committee alleges NFLPA members, and believes they forced CBA voting vote in the case of the Executive Committee, but also prevents him from lacking transparency in the negotiation process.

This year, Jay – Ferry, Ferry, was originally the main player of Arizona’s rickets, but the red rickets were taken down to Chandler Catanzaro at the Chandler Catanzaro. Afterwards, I have been transferred to each team to try for re-employment, and finally got the opportunity at the bear team. Ferry last season was 30 times in the singularity of the Red Tit 36, it is worth mentioning that Ferry has been 398 shots in the 14-year career, but did not play at the home soldier stadium at the Bear.

Santos missed the first free kick of 44 yards in the game, very obvious that the center Thomas Gafford did not open the ball, and the head of Dustin Colquitt has not been able Timely put the ball positive. In the 47 yards of the second shot, Jiaford still did not open the ball, but this time Kui Tit is in time, Santos should have a major responsibility.

The bear strokes the old will play the ball, Jay – FerryThe main player of the Chicago Bear team was affected by the four-headed creature, this week, this week is likely to be able to play. The team announced on Wednesday, from the free player market, the team signed the old player Jay – Ferry (Fely) as a supplement.

After more than a month ago, I used the first round of the DEFOREST BUCKNER to obtain the 13th selection of this year, 49 people traded down to the 14th time in the draft and selected it. University of South Carolina defensive ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, And this means that another first round show is not in the future plan.

McLean is the middle line of the University of Alabama. The scenery of the scenery is unlimited when the university is known as the « Raytarian Square ». In 2010, the raid is selected by the first round of the first round. However, the influence of injury and mentality, the performance of the stadium has been quite sluggish, anti-run and its prosthetic coverage cannot let the team satisfied, the field is more repeated, once 4 times were arrested by the police . Last year, McLean leaving the raid to the crow, but there was no sign of decommissioning after signing the contract, the reason is « unintentional »

Seahawks general manager red setter think Clark will not stop trainingBeijing April 20 hearing in to the quarterback Russell – after Wilson (Russell Wilson) a big contract, Seattle Seahawks general manager John – Schneider (John Schneider) turned his attention to the red setter Frank – Clark (Frank Clark).

Former « Thunder Gifts » reborn in DallasRolando McClain, who was declared, was announced in the denim, and he made a good performance in the first two weeks before this season, especially in the second week, in the second week, it was a big color, and became the team wins. The important hero.

The current NFLPA Chairman Eric Winston is coming to end, and the union needs to select a successor. US Time Monday, according to Cheap Nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters, four candidates have decided that players will vote in these people: Russell Okung, Giant Safety, Michael, Tomas (Michael Thomas), Pirate Line Sam – Achio and Brown Center JC Tretter.

If Thomas can prove that they can achieve their expectations in the fourth season, then 49 people will still give him a new contract before he enters the free player market. But now, Thomas has proven its strength.

However, the team’s head coach Andy Rid (Andy Reid) still expressed trust in the new show: « We must have more strict in the usual number of free kick training, I believe that our special group can return to the right track. « 

The reason why the Seahawks to Clark branded franchise tag just to make sure there is a long time to negotiate. Seahawks management had success before the deadline and Wilson signed a contract. We can expect a similar situation also occurred in Clark body. But if no agreement is reached, then it is cause for concern whether Clark will participate in the training camp.

Emirates urgently need to solve the problem of playing the ball Sang TosAt present, 8 wins and 6-longned Kansas Emirates need to win a full victory after the regular season, so this is not their kick-Santos, Cairo Santos, become a nerve knife. At the time, Santos was only a 1st ball in 3 shots in the game with the Auckland raid, and 14 continuous hit records were also ended.

Due to the loss of the prize Sean Lee, Cowbi was exchanged with a last round of draft, the denim was originally a live horse doctor, but McLene became a ball. The defensive leader of the team. Two games came down, he became the king in the team, and contributed a murder, destroying the pass and a wonderful high-difficult copy.

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Detroit four-point guards Matthew – Stafford was completed at 3:17 at the fourth quarter, and the lion finally won the Chicago Bear. When the Session of the Session, the lion successfully turned eight times, and the cheap nfl jerseys history was in the same season.

After being cut by Seattle Hawks, Shelman signed a 3-year contract with 49 people in March this year. In the seven seasons of the effective Hawks, he was selected 3 times in the best lineup, 4 times in a career bowl.

Owl Line Whether it is uncertain whether the new season can stay

Philadelphia Owl Wate Wei Mika-KFCs revealed in the interview with local time on Tuesday that he did not sure whether it would remain in the Eagle in the new season. Before the draft, the eagle placed him to the trading shelf and tried to change better.

Adams missed 4 games due to the injury of the groin in the regular season. He injured his right shoulder in the game on November 15 but insisted on continuing the game. He hopes that his shoulder does not need to receive surgery.

In the 14th week, there were only one score of a score in the fourth quarter, including Washington Red Leather 27-22 Warse City Eagle. The red skin runs to Kiet Thompson completed 25 yards in the fourth quarter of the 25 yards and rushing the ball to reach the team’s last two minutes, the maximum number of scorpions were recorded.

100 meters flying Bolt replies John Ross Challenge

John Ross, the Holder of John Ross, who is in the NFL training camp, I hope that Bolt is challenged to the USAIN Bolt, but it seems that Bolt has no interest.

Bolt said: « This answer is zero, people always set a high standard goal, I have learned a lot, this is like climbing the ladder, no one wants to climb the ladder, everyone wants to go directly to the top of the ladder They always want to defeat me, but they have no chance. « 

Pittsburgh Steel Man: Pittsburgh Steelman Run Guidian – Bell rushed out of the creation of 236 yards of the creation of 3 to 3 to 3 Dalgate, and the ball is 62 yards, and the steel man 27-20 is better than Buffalobier. Bell is a player who harvested 225+ yards, 3 shock reachable and 50+ balls and 50+ buses, and 50+ bark codes after cheap nfl Jerseys from China history after NFR (1961.11.19).






Wash code


Number of ball numbers



Levian – Bell

Pittsburgh Steel Man







Jim – Brown ^

Cleveland Brown










The final difference between the first 14 weeks in 7 points in the game



























« I don’t want to sit here for excuses, but this is part of the game, » Adams said. « I never doubt that I will not be able to play and try to participate in the game. I have my own responsibility. I hope that I can do more to help the team win, but obviously don’t worry. I think we are at attack and defense. The two ends have made too many mistakes, and you don’t want this problem in the face of an excellent team like this. « 

When you are asked, Whether you can continue to make the eagle, KFRX’s answer is very helpless: « I don’t know, I can’t control all things happening here. I like Philadelphia, I hope I can have the end here. But, there will always be some The unexpected thing happened. « The 24-year-old Kentrix is known for its speed, he has a strong over-defensive ability, and can protect the near-end and running guards in the pass defense.

At the end of the competition: the first 14 weeks, there were 122 games in the final division within 8 minutes, and the final difference between the 112 games was within 7 points. All are the most NFL history. At the 14th week, there were 11 games in the final division within 8 minutes, and the final difference between 10 games was within 7 points.

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Lightning Power Zhao Joji – Bosa: I hope the defensive group will lead the team to winPixa Gelip-Rivers Leed, the team will soon move into the new stadium, and Los Angeles lightning still has to find a way to defeat the superb bowl of defeat in the season.

Now after the license is completely taken training, the first season served as the first quartz of the wild horse, will meet with the second grade quadon-Lynch, Paxton Lynch. Joseph emphasized that the same opportunity to win the first day on Monday.

When Lin Qi played, he showed that he became the movement of the first round show, but he was also dragged down by the lack of experience. A complete break will help the two are ready to start the union’s most attractive four-guards competition.

Ingram will compete with the first position of the second-year outside Yakami-Hemith, and the first side has occupied T.J.Watt. In addition to these two people, the main outer line of the steel man is only Kasius Marsh and the six-wheeled Quinche.

James’ return will be great for lightning defensive groups. This safety guard in the best lineup in the rookie season was only played in 5 games due to injuries, and the lightning record was only 5 wins and 11 losses.

Lightning In recent years, the first round of the election will pick up the excellent player to reinforce the defensive group, first in 2016, Posa was selected, and then selected top-level safety satellite-James in 2018. In this year, they selected the University of Oklahoma, Kenneth Murray. In addition, in this year’s free player market, the old will be signed with Chris Harris and the defensive disappearance, Linval Joseph. Bosa believes that these new faces will help the defensive group to assume any newly increased responsibility, he believes that the defensive group will « very dangerous ».

Emirates provide assistance to Ebola for hometownWhen the hometown is in a bloody civil war, Kansas City Emirates, Kansas, Tamba Hali fled Liberia. Now when this West African country leads another different crisis & mdash; & mdash; Ebola epidemic, Harry provides humanitarian assistance to hometown.

The Liberian people are very smart and enthusiastic. When I was young, this is a beautiful country, « Harry said. « They are all good people, those who are afraid of God, but this is a third world country, they need help. » When I was 10 years old and my father fled Liberia Harry became a US citizen a few years ago. But he still have family members living in Monrovia, living in the Pacific coast, living in Lova County, northern border areas adjacent to Sierra Leone. « They are very fortunate, » Harry said. « There is no Ebola in the place where my family is. »

Liberia is one of the most serious countries that have taken more than 3,000 lives. As of last Friday, according to the World Health Organization report, 3,834 people in Liberia have been diagnosed, 2069 people died, of which 44% were reported in the past three weeks, which means that this infectious disease is spreading.

On Tuesday, Harry and Hearts were announced by the Heart to Heart International officials in Kansas City to build a clinic near Liberia, which will provide 70 beds for patients who are infringed by viral. . « People are dead, » Harry said. « They die at a very fast speed. »

« The local medical system is not enough to cope with Ebola epidemic, each doctor and medical officials say the biggest demand is more Ebola treatment equipment, » Mindi, the founder of Heart International Assistance Organization (Dr. Gary Morsch) Doctor said. « The world must respond quickly to control the virus outbreak. »

Before Braddy applied to register « Give Decoction » as a trademark, MLB New York will be quite dissatisfied, because « Give Soup » is a metropolitan, MLB Hall of Hall, Tom Seaver’s nickname. The reason why Braddy’s application was rejected is because « Application Trademarks include erroneous hints and Tom-Sifer has associated elements. »

Tusbiski passed a total of 26 times today, completed 19 times, advanced 354 yards, and acquired 6 reachaes (connected to 5 external hands). In the first 15 games in the past, Turbuski completed a total of 9 times.

[Review of the event] Turbuski broke out, Chicago’s 48-10 victoryBeijing October 1st, Chicago Bear, Swan, Mitchell Trubisky, today, can be described as one of the best performances, and also breaks the bear team record.

Khalil Mack, which is introduced by spending big price, also makes people feel worthwhile, first kill the four-point guards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, forced it to fall, and later Misi Winston is fierce, indirectly leads to the latter to be copied.

The last single game completed at least 5 Xiong team four-point guards to go back to the last century, December 1, 1949, Johnny Lujack passed 6 times. In the next 1005 games, the bear team did not have a four-point guard in a single game, and this duration is the longest alliance. The next one is 49 people in San Francisco. After the 6-Demona, Joe Montana, 446 games have been adjacent to the single 5 reach record.