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Thanks to Peterson who was returned to the stadium after the 2014 season was banned, Viking was first returned to the season for three years last season. Peterson last season with a 1485 code-fired code number ranked first, this is the third time in his career to achieve this achievement.

Angry Krafte apologizes to the fans in May accept the fines on the team in May. For the team’s tickets include a fine of 1 million US dollars, the team lost the first round of dictionary rights in 2016 and the fourth round of dictionary of 2017. He said he believes that this can help « pardon » Braddy. « Considering the actual evidence of this situation and the alliance’s punishment for violations, I really believe that I can make the alliance to make Braddy in May. Unfortunately, I am wrong. I am wrong. Alliance, « 

« Everyone knows that there is a young quarterfield in our team. This is also one of the focus. But the overall attack is also very important, this is also the development trend of the alliance. We feel that people who are good at arrangeing attacks, here People who have experienced experience and more fruitful, when they have passed the coach. & Hellip; & hellip; Kimberley meets these conditions, I look forward to him to let our attack more, continue to compete in the Alliance. « 

« We will have a chance to win championship this year; & mdash; win everything, » Peterson said. « Sitting well. Sitting well. Your feelings are like, & lsquo; I think you still need a few years a few years, & rsquo ;. Don’t. You are sitting, this year. »

Despite the hug and murder in his age, Davis caused a huge threat to the opponent offensive group. He was selected for 5 consecutive years in 1963 to 1967. In the 10 seasons for the cost of packaging, he also selected the best lineup for a while, helping the team to win the NFL champion 5 times, win the super bowl of championship twice.

Davis Career spent 2 years in Cleveland, he was selected in the 1956 draw, but he took a 2-year military service in 1958. Subsequently he was traded to the Green Bay in 1960, became an important player in Vince Lombardi.

Patriot boss: I believe in the alliance

The new England Patrioper Boss Robert Kraft is unexpected to meet with the reporter on Wednesday morning, and he emphasizes the disappointment of the team for NFL to maintain Braddy.

After Chandler Catanzaro retired, the jet can only enable Kaare Vedvik. However, Van Devik is unveiled in the unveiled shot, and one free shooting is not in the middle, the jet will eventually give Buffalo Bill at a point.

JOSBERHHHHHH RONEN: « His talent is different, one of the most talented passes, I am also very happy to have the opportunity to guide him and help him grow. But Cheap jerseys from china In terms of passing, it is difficult to find people better than him. « 

Obviously, it is necessary to overthrow the criteria on the field, and the referee of the recording and look at the original judgment will maintain the original judgment. But if the coaches do not know what standards in each of the alliances in each game, even the game in each of the games, then they will only feel confused.

Michael Bidwill, Michael Bidwill, said: « When I examine the current cheap nfl jerseys from china, I found that the university contest in the past few years has become more professional. (Kinsibli led) offensive group Efficiency, whether it is very good when the offensive coordinator is still the head of the coach, score a horse, the offensive arrangement is also very good. The six quadrants he taught have entered NFL, two of which have won the Hesman award. « 

In the past two seasons, Fethan is the emergency choice when the lightning is injured, and there are 4 games. His career collected six arbitrage attempts to complete 3 times, the maximum number of codons 34 yards, 15 additional shooting gates attempts to complete 14 times.

Kraft also slammed NFL behavior, including the appeal to the New York court and did not modify the « wrong » report. He also felt dissatisfied with Braddy, who announced Roger Goodell, Roger Goodell. He believes that Braddy destroys the headline of mobile phones, but will cover each phone number of the relevant evidence and Baddi to provide each phone number he sent and received during the relevant time period and providing an employee who has not joined the NFL player. The facts of the Bill Bill Bill Belichick mobile phone.

Famous Hall of Defense Didway Wili – Davis died at the age of 85

Professional football Hall of Famous Hall announced that the Hall of the Hall of the Hall Willie Davis died on Wednesday, and the year was 85 years old.

Kraft slammed the NFL investigation, he reiterated that the team believed that the alliance still did not have any team staff to « hard evidence » of the ball pressure handles. He said: « My conclusion is that this investigation is never fair and fair, »

The first time I appeared in the eagle to get the first time. After the proximal Zach Ertz (Zach Ertz), the original referee bothers the attacking party interference. However, after the recording, they judge that Erz is not fouled and is effective.

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The general manager of the crow is not afraid to give Hill a chance, and he signed this security guard this day, this is a low-risk high return. Hill performs excellent performance for giant last season, he will add highlights to the second line of the crow. This talented 24-year-old player should be able to share the play time with the start of Darian Stewart. Baltimo Sun Daily said that the crow plans to give Hill’s limited appearance time this Sunday, mainly in the special team, will give him a dangerous falcon watching.

6 games were banned due to the drug abuse of the Alliance at the beginning. This is the third year of Hill 3, and after the 2012 season, he was signed by the New York giant after a year from the draft. Hill was banned in four games due to the use of boosts in the season. After he was also banned from 4 games in the 2013 season in the 2013 season. The giant cut him behind him.

Eagle pays Nick-Falls, one million signing bonuses

On January 20, according to the ESPN reporter Field Yes, Beijing reported that although it was missed $ 1 million due to the participation of the offensive files, Falls did a signature of $ 1 million. Bonus, the eagle has paid this amount.

Crows activated Safety Wei Hill entered 53 lists

The 4th chance of the Will Hill, Hill (Will Hill) begins. Baltimo Crow on Saturday announced that they have activated Hill to enter 53 people, so that he is eligible to play on Sunday’s fight against Atlanta.

Indianapolis little horse: Vontae Davis Knee injury is absent training, line Wei Dequier-Jackson (D & # 39; Qwell Jackson) Physical clutch absence training, angular Wirago Greg Toler ‘s injury is absent from the absence of training, and the line guards Erik Walden knee injury participates in some training.

New England Patriots: Strong Bryan Stork Incident Training, Corner Veranden – Brandon Browner Knee injury Participate in some training, Line Doute A Thai ( DONT & # 39; a hightower) shoulder injury to partial training, defensive cututs, Chris Jones, Chris Jones, elbow, injury, Participate in some training, external handle Blannd Raphael (Brandon Lafell) shoulders and toes to participate Some training, quad-Bath Tom Brady ankle injury participated in all training.

« Can I play all the numbers? Of course, I have proved my ability. But is this the best for the team? What is it for myself? » Wik said, « I will not With the first attractive eye, this does not match my personality. I just want to help the team, help the defensive group. Even though I am going to be responsible for the three gears, or be the first hair and finish all the numbers, I will also be willing to do it. « 

The team has not yet made any statements, but Carol said: « There are many calls from other teams recently, they care about our situation. But we are not interested in letting them know too much, just like this. »

Qifusler has previously insisted that if he can’t get the income he wanted, he will not be in the game, 2 years ago, Qifusler and the Hawow completed a contract worth $ 29 million, but now he thinks he should get more .

wholesale nfl jerseys nearly 50 years classic campaign: Fair debut

The history of the wheel rolling forward, finally came to the story of the story of the story of today; the only one of the powderpa player debut in the history of Active Grandpa Player Brett Favre. Favre’s cheap Nfl jerseys from china career is not smooth, and he is selected by the Falcon 33. The first time I passed the first time, the first time is an int. That season, he was on the game, 4 times, 2 copies, No passing is successful. And where the fate of the package worker is not good, since the Super Bowl 2, Lombardi left, Starr retired, after 25 years, only 2 times in the playoffs.

Vik is 36 years old this year, and the physical fit has not had no degradation. He achieved 10.5 killing last season. In the past fifteen years, only his four people with John Abraham, Julus Pepez (Julius Peppers) and Terrell Suggs can also have two people after 35 years old. The number of killing.

This is not the only bonus that Work this season. In the outer card of the Chicago Bear, because Falls participated in more than 33% of the offense and eventually won, he could get $ 1 million. Participating in more than 33% of the offense in the partitioning will also make him revenue $ 500,000.

Of course, this does not mean that the eagle will definitely let Fall stay in the team. Previously, the Eagle implemented $ 20 million in 2019 option, and Falls paid $ 2 million to buy options. The final eagle may use the team label to Falls and look for opportunities to trade their trading.

The subsequent 1993 season is still 9 wins and 7 losses, and the Favre has a larger, but it has entered the playoffs. The opponent of the outer card is the commissary of the dead enemy. This is a typical early Favre version of the package, the opponent’s data is fully pressed to the package, but the last moment only leads to a lead (just like the game of Packaging Top for Maggoski. 1 minute and 15 seconds left in the game, the package worker snatched in the 40-yard line. At that time, the ratio was 21 to 24, and the packaging was 3 points behind. Conventional playing is trying to push the knife to play the ball and then dragged into the time with three points. Favre passed to the Sharpe of the run Drag route (90 degree route), Shape is off, and the pass fails. Favre fast array, ready to play a unconstler attack. After the kick, Favre Scramble went to the left side mark, sweeping to the Sterling Sharpe of the running profound route, the vibration arm, Sharpe received this sky with the right side of the reachable area, reached the point. According to reports, this ball fled in the air (I was 60 yards with a triangular side length formula, and the two right angles of the right angle triangle were 29.7 yards and 50 yards, and asked the bevers. The final package will win at 28:24. This lack 3 points are ready to shoot the best to raise a big game in the 2013 season. The last Aaron Rodgers long shot Cobb reaches a score to defeat the death enemy Chicago bear team .

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Sea Eagle Michael – Natenotes Unable to determine possible possible

Hawks Left Humper Luke – Luke Joeckel has confirmed absence on the Sunday competition, and he takes a few weeks after Bye Week accepted a knee surgery.

Defensive end, the eagle is good Suggested Looking at anti-run than any team, which makes most teams only pass only one option left when facing the Eagle Defense Group. It is worth mentioning that the eagle also has the top special team of the league, which is attributed to the special service coordinator Dave-Philip. Ability to exceed the expectations before the season, Doug-Pederson is advised.

Kelsea is a close-to-pendant front and one of Mahkus trust. He can use the body’s role to eat angular guards and security, and he can use the speed to get rid of the wire guard. Kelps used a professional bowl for five times, and the best lineup was selected twice, and it had been promoted for four consecutive years. In the two seasons of the Mahmus team, Kelci pushed 2565 yards, reached 15 times, can pick up the enemy.

The Dezhou offensive group has undergone tremendous changes in this year, and Kobo believes that the outside world has thus underestimated them. If Watson and Kubbles can be good, the fans will start to see Texas.

Defensive Demold Mark Smith (ankle) (ankle), running guard CJ Prosise (ankle) and defensive end Nazel Jones (knee injury) is also unable Determine the possibility, but all participated in Friday training.

Texas people take over discontincy: I hope my experience can help Swauterssen

External handle Landol – Kobo (Randall Cobb) has been hitting in NFL since 2011, he hopes that your long career can help yourself in Houston Texas people.

Although the eagle has the best record, the chief is also very competitive, and they are still the only team that defeated the eagle. Despite the powerful opponents, you can’t use the eagle to worry about this half a season. They strive to hit the country, recruit Jay-Agay’s behavior indicating that their ambition is not only here.

Winning speech:

In the first half of the season, Watson made Texas people have turned over the earth. The talent and versatile quadruple four-point guards can not only wear needles in the four-point guard net, but also the precision guides can be pushed when they are intercepted by a group of 300 pounds. His running ability brings revolutionary changes to the Dezhou’s offensive group, the past life, now because of the emergence of Watson, there is unlimited possible. Simply, his running ability makes the Dezhou people’s funeral offensive lines are not so bad, and there is a lot of murder data on the opposite side. De Shaun Watson is the main reason for the year of the year of the year, and he is worth elected as the best rookie.

[Alliance Observation] NFL Half Routing Ceremony: Second grade MVP? Deserved!

The 2017 season NFL has been over eight weeks, and the regular season has passed the way, it is the best inventory halfway.

Gossip is less, the following is the best NFL half of SB Nation:

Campbell also has a hidden role, and he makes the teammates’ alignment easier. For example, when a pair of pony, a two-line player stopped Campbell, and Dant Deller around him only need to face the other party’s running guard, and the latter easily forced the four-point guards. Campbell’s output is enough to win the best defensive player’s award, but when you take him to the promotion line of the Jaguji, this choice is unquestionable.

The wild horses were signed in 2017 to sign Zhong Bauers, and let him be responsible for the blind side covering task for each game. But the Technical is not clean when Balls covers, and it is often divided into fouls. Different fouls, John Elway, the number of fouls, can not see it, in the early days of the 2019 season, « He needs to understand what you are doing », « He knows what is the fouling of the talents? » « He knows what you can do, what can you do? »

New crown test results have an abnormal multi-team change or cancel training

NFL TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported that because New Jersey’s the same laboratory had an abnormality in new crown virus test on Saturday, multiple teams change or cancel training.

Winning speech:

The eagle is the hottest team now. 7 wins and 1 loss, the net wins of + 76 is the first place. The offensive group under the MVP candidate Carson-Wenz has a lot of threats of giant pass weapons, while Lagaret Bront and a solid offensive line make their pavement attacks are also very competitive.

Perriei Lu reported that more than 100,000 new crown virus detection have been carried out since the beginning of the training camp. The positive rate is less than 1% and it continues to fall. He said: « The different test locations treated by the same laboratory suddenly appeared in a large number of positive results. This caused attention. »

Not unexpected choice. The emirate explosion, the performance of his first month almost booked this award, but Watson faced the 4 times of Titan on October 1 to let this award re-suspected. In four recent four, Watson passed 16 reachaes; and the 19-time column of the previous seven competitions in the past seven games created a new record of NFL. In view, Watson is more winning.

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Galert said he won’t be confused with a possible champion. « This shows that I am the best player, at least Cheap Jerseys From China the beginning, » he said. « … Once I entered NFL, I can’t be fascinated by this name. I have to continue to grow. »

Falls said: « I think (four-point guard) is the most critical thing to pay only attention to winning. Should pay attention to doing yourself on the court. When tactics are decided, I will play my best performance. »

NFL Super Bowl Legend Sprinter ChinaNFL regular season is in full swing, November 17th to 22nd, the NFL legendary superstar Troj & Bull, which has just announced retired; Polamar will have two old team friend Ryan & Bull; Kraka and Ak & Bull; Taylor To China, I have visited Beijing and Shanghai to open their « NFL Super Bowl Legend China. » These three American football stars have won 5 super bowls, and their arrival has also opened the curtain of the 50th super bowl. For Chinese fans, the wonderful week of NFL and American football is already in front of the eye.

Nick Falls: The key to the four-point guard competition is not only to winRecently, there is a rumor that the Xiong team will quit season, and the fans are in the fans, and the Falls himself come out to clarify.

Although the training time of the sniper is greatly reduced, Falls believes that the bear team and the Eagle’s offensive system have a similar situation. The current Xiong Team coach Matt-Nagy, from Andy REID, and Reid used the eagle coach, Falls experienced the offensive system of Reid.

Opportunity he made this achievement possible, and the second time the Saints in the offseason signing of Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) also make a number of contributions related. If Peterson can stay healthy in the new season and outstanding performance, then the opportunity will be reduced Ingram.

Former Houston University quartzwatch efforts to transitionBeijing July 8th, Trelle Pryor, which was taken out of the quarter-saving transition, is a good performance. Former Houston University quartz Greg Ward Jr. also wants to do it.

Ingram Peterson said last week agreed to let the two compete better argument together, he said he played for the Saints during the competition is not new, a lot of running back and he had to share playing time.

« Just say that you want to win, it is useless. Need to be prepared for winning every day, whether it is training, warm-up before training, or the implementation of tactics. I can’t think of it, I think myself. To do it, but neglect reading defense. « 

The officer of the sniper is the only negative news that Dalight, which is the only video, took a video. Hope Dallas cowboy can pick him up. This makes the Cleveland fans who have the homited yuan signed a unpleasant, while Galt said he intended to apologize to Brown officials during the physical measurement.

New Orleans Saints running back Mark – Ingram: to face competitionBeijing June 19 hearing New Orleans Saints running back Mark – Ingram (Mark Ingram) last season, his first in 16 games his first season, attendance and rushed the ball a few yards over a thousand.

This « NFL Super Bowl Legend China » is to welcome the preheat of the upcoming 50th super bowl. Beijing time February 8, 2016 (Japan), the 50th Super Bowl will be held in San Francisco. Can the Pittsburgh steel team who won the super bowl in the super bowl again? Can the New England patriot have become the first defending team in 10 years? Many suspense will be unveiled on February 8, 2016, which will also be the best new year gift that Chinese fans have received.

Since the big season, he has been a star player. At that time, he won 11.5 killing and quickly considered to be the future NFL star. He is suffering from injuries throughout the 2016 season, and some scouts think that he has not made all efforts, but everyone consistently believes that he will become an elite defensive player in NFL.

If you want to kill 53 people’s list from the fall of the show, Ward has a long way to go, and he is willing to work hard. Three victories in the first record of his 27-6 are weaker, you can look forward to his NFL foreground.

From November 21st to 22nd, the three stars will appear in the « NFL Super Weepa » held in Shanghai Luwan Stadium, and organize a fan signature meeting (November 22 12: 30-13: 30), and watch NFL University Bowl Finals (November 22, 15: 00-16: 30), experience the unique charm of American football together with fans.

Troji & Bull; Polamaru, Ryan & Bull; Kraka and Ak & Bull; Taylor’s three people will arrive in Beijing on the 17th, they will mall the Great Wall on the 18th, and feel the unique charm of Chinese culture. On the afternoon of the 18th, the three old NFL superstars will visit Bayi Middle School located in Haidian District, Beijing, meet and interact with students. The school will specially arrange a football experience class, and the three superstars will explain the knowledge and rules of rugby, and the hand teaches some of the basic movements and techniques of rugby, experience and share the fun and charm of football. November 18: 00-18: 30, NFL China also arranged a special super bowl of superstars in Beijing Kerry Hotel 2nd, so that the fans have the opportunity to have idols in their minds Take a photo together.

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Lang once selected a professional bowl, still is still one of the top sharp strings in the alliance. But last season he was injured in the neck, his back injury and the brain shock were absent 10 games. Health is still a big concern.

American tiger is preparing to replace Brek Botes with Nick-FormBeijing March 4, according to Philadelphia reporter Less Bowen, Nick Foles is expected to sign a contract with the America when the 3.13 new alliance is opened. This also means that the original round show four points to Borake Bortles go to the end of the fate of the American tiger.

In 2018, although many people predicted Sam Darnold or Josh Ellen will be taken first, but Brown finally uses a metamor to select Melfield. Merfield’s rookie season has been found, but 2019 is slightly retreat.

Mefield has won the Hosman award in 2017, which is one of the main reasons for the bronze statue. Melfield has a year of passing the ball to 70.5%, promoting 4627 yards, reaching 43 times, only being copied 6 times. The University of Oklahoma ultimately does not endure the University of Georgia in the rose bowl.

Sunday’s game will be the challenge of the Black Panther to meet the Challenge of Minnesota, because this is another incident with the police shoot, perhaps this week’s game we will see more people who have a singer singer.

Since Keith Lamont Scott, KEITH LAMONT SCOTT, US Tuesday, in the conflict with the police, the public security of the entire North Carolina has problems, Wholesale jerseys and people have started a lot of parade and demonstration.

The University of Oklahoma will unveil the four-point Wei Mefield bronze statueBaker Mayfield still needs to be carved in NFL, and the level still needs to be proved. However, his male posture during the university is difficult to denial.

Last season, Ray West, causing opponents to miss the opponent’s missed, only second to Pittsburgh Steelman Run Guidian – Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell). Let him return to the next Monday night game to allow the chief to block the package of the offensive group for bubbles.

The current pressure is the second grade of the second grade of the second grade, Davante Adams, with Nielsen’s injury, Adams jumped into the outer side of the team’s top, but the last season last three games He has got 90% of the number of game files, and there is already a full experience, and his offensive task in the new season will also rise sharply.

Bowen also pointed out in the report that the prospect of Falls market is not more prosperous, so he is not too big to sign with the Jaguji. But the annual salary of Falls is also a $ 20 million level, so it should not be lower than this number.

Leis’s injury has never been considered serious, but his importance of the top offensive group of packages is not underestimated. In the « Run Saving Swarf Sphere » released by the professional football focus network, he only ranked second to the Marshawn Lynch, MARSHAWN LYNCH.

Bob Quinn, Bob Quinn, said in a statement: « We thank TJ Long’s contribution to the lions in these two years. He is the example of all the football players, the team captain. He is present High levels of performance we have obvious, but in the places where the outside world, he also shows outdoor leadership, professional literacy and enthusiasm for football. We respect TJ, hope that his career is smooth. « 

Nielsen’s injury will not fight Green Bay packagingIn a preseason in Beijing Time 24, the Green Bay Packaging Director Exterior Hand Way Directy Nelson was retreated by knee injury. Then there was a media report that Nelson probably suffered a knee. Once the diagnosis will ablate the entire 2015 season.

The offensive front line is also a problem that the Jaguji needs attention. This front line allows 53 kills last season (the third difference of the league). The newcomer offensive coordinator John Defilippo may allow the Jaguji to be new. Dafili has also worked with Fall in the 2017 season, and that year, the eagle won the super bowl.

First packing workers have a Randall Cobb, one of the best troughs outside the league, and he ranked fourth from the 88.5 rating of 88.5 last year, and Bielsen is also high. Randel technology is very comprehensive, whether it is route running or a ball hand and holding ball running capabilities, he will also get more offensive opportunities than previous.

After entering the playoffs in 2017, the progress of the Jagujo was not smooth. Botes pushed 2718 yards this season, reached 12 times, was copied by 11 times, and the quarterfire 89.8. And the four-point guards in Falls last season tall 96, of course, he also needs to travel to Leonard Fournette, Exterior Horses, Marqise Lee, Didi Dede Westbrook and Donte Moncrief are still a day, but this is much better than from head.

In addition to these talents, the package workers also have the first-class running guard Eddie Lacy, a powerful offensive frontline, as well as the first quarter of the active first quarter, Alon Rogers. So the packaging work will still be a strong compete for the superb bowl this year, and their attack will continue to be efficient, but may be slightly in the performance of Nelson.

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Viking people cut off the player Carlson is about to sign a contract of Dan – Baile

Beijing September 18th, Viking people this year’s five-round show played three goals in Daniel Carlson, in the National North Civil War, including the final time of the overtime game, can be killing 35-yard shot, and finally Viking passengers 29-29 regret flat packwork. After Monday, Wei Jing was cut off Carlson, Mike Zimmer announced that the team is about to sign up with the veteran Dan Bailey.

In Monday, when the third quarter was 40-0, Allen met Pittman and led the team to complete the only score advancement. He was 15 times to complete 6 times, and the 74 yards were promoted and was also killed 3 times.

McCoo said: « I want to tell all the offensive group players: playing the best performance can help the rookie quad-saving faster, especially those who have the skill. If he reads the mistake, The ball is very difficult, then I have to work hard. I will not advance the number of codes, but it doesn’t matter, I will receive the ball more confident. The running guards have missed, and the other side is smashed. Hold, give a new show, let him more confident, let victory more inclined to us. He still young, he needs to be confident. This is what I want to say, do the task, help him share the pressure. « 

In the four consecutive confrontations from the two teams since the quarter cheap Jerseys from china the quarter from the 4th 卫 卫 拉克 (Andrew Luck), the two teams, including the two times of the playoffs & mdash; & mdash; patriot paid for the score of the squad is 189-73 . You may not need more reasons to understand why Pony has not contracted the Contliction of Pagano during this year.

Viking people are playing very struggle in playing the game, and Baile will become the fourth player in the five years. Bailey was 30 years old and was cut off by cowboy in September. Beiler is currently the second quarter of the league in history, with a hit rate of 88.1%, and a crow of 90.3% of his career in a career. Justin Tucker.

« There is no excuse, » Pagano said. « We were awkward. This is the case. There is nothing to say. No one can forget that day, forget the ultimate score. It is like our arterial bleeding but can’t stop bleeding. You will never forget this competition. »

Xiao Ma coach does not forget the United States championship, defeated the patriot

History will record this year’s Melan Championship as a game that gave birth to « ventilation » incident. But in this controversy, the competition itself & mdash; & mdash; Indianapolis horses defeated the final super bowl champion New England Patriots & mdash; & mdash;, no one remembers.

Pay attention to the official WeChat of the NFL Rugby: Open the official WeChat, private letter input « App WeChat Verification » to obtain the corresponding verification code, press the prompt to fill in the corresponding page. After completing +20 points.

The NFL official website is another media man Schi-Dals (Stacey Dales), said that the Mamver’s head of Marvin Lewis said that Johnson’s physical condition « is not bad » in the interview after training. Dear said that Johnson was able to stand alone and slowly moved on the ground, which was then raised by the medical staff and was further treated.

Norman injured in the first week of training camp, but at 9.3 restricted regression training. Unfortunately, Norman was recurred, and then lack three training in succession, and finally determined that it was unable to participate in unveiled battle, and was added to the injury reserve today.

NFL Football APP: Integral Rules and Reward Exchange

NFL Rugby App is the only NFL official Chinese app. Designed to provide users with the most comprehensive NFL rugby Chinese information, the most exciting football video and the most professional game data! Renewed fighting season, NFL football APP also will be a new look for you, more professional, more exciting!

Tiger main defending end training in the training

The main rushing of Cincinnati Tiger Michael Johnson accidentally injured in the local time on Sunday, and was carried out after transient treatment. Subsequently, NFL Media Albert-Brill reported that Johnson sprained his own knee inside a sub-ligament.

When you get a certain integral in the cheap nfl jerseys from china Rugby APP, you can exchange prizes in the « More-Daily Sign-in » interface. All prizes can be exchanged for multiple times, and they will deduct points corresponding to the exchange prize.

The 28-year-old Johnson returned to the tiger in this year’s sniking period, and the team signed a contract worth $ 2 million in 4 years. He has excellent rushing ability to assist Kino-Artkins (Geno Atkins). ). Johnson contributed 11.5 times during the 2012 season.

Pay attention to NFL football official Weibo: Open the official Weibo, private letter input « App Weibo Verification » to obtain the corresponding verification code, press the prompt to fill in the corresponding page. After completing +20 points.

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NBA Men's Boston Celtics #11 Kyrie Irving Green Stitched Adidas Revolution 30 Swingman JerseyGain is the main coach of the jet this year, and the opening is a lot of wind. First, Donod is absent from several nuclear cells, and then the team is beat. However, winning the giants seem to let Darnod letter, he even thinks the team still has the opportunity to enter the playoffs.

Johnson said: « I assure you that the coach member will not change. Adam won the trust of the whole team, Sam Darnold trust him, General Manager Joe Douglas trust him, I also trust him. He is a good person, good coach. « 

T.Y. Hilton is surprised yesterday two extraordinary price contractsDallas Cowboy External Die Den Bryant and Denver Wild Horse Demaryius Thomas have completed the renewal on Wednesday, which makes Indianapolis horses. Ty Hilton is very surprised.

Giiio is active in the Detroit Lion, the 2014 season joins the package. Fang Tord has served as the main coach and running guard coaches in the 2011 season, and the 2012 season retroceered the neighborhood coach. Coish said: « I respect the package worker, I apologize for My Web Site work. You will learn something in a variety of situations, this is all. I think the team is very great. »

Bradley has served as defensive coordinators in lightning over the past four years, and the results of the previous two years were significant, but later, it was more moderate. The raid guard team often cord in the past three seasons, which eventually leads to Paul Guenther to lose their work.

Wat is currently 1 win 4 negative Texas people in the fourth sick player this week. External Three Jalen Strong, Corner A.j. Bowa (a.j. Bouye) and training group 4 points Swan Kzak – Dear DYSERT is absent from the training. Strong is also listed as doubts, and Bona is listed as possible. Watt did not miss any training this week.

We are not hitting Hilton, in fact, Bryant can get 14 million US dollars to get 14 million US dollars next season, which is $ 45 million, which is very good for external hands, and unless Hilton remains last season. But this is not enough, he is not the player who will affect the team’s victory like Bryant.

The raid person will make the front American Tiger coatter Bradley remittated a defensive coordinatorUS time on Tuesday, Las Vegas raiders announced that Gus Bradley will be a new defensive coordinator.

Jerry – Jones believes Cowboys playoff popularNow the Dallas Cowboys to a 2-1 record of feeling gradually return to court, but team owner Jerry – Jones (Jerry Jones) that their team has the potential to take the title.

The ground of the package is struggling due to the sluggish ground attack of Eddie Lacy. The team switched to James Starks in the middle season. In terms of near-end front, Richard Rodgers has completed some wonderful balls, but overall performances are still unable to satisfy the team. He bought 58 times this season and promoted 510 yards.

Hilton was 24 years old, completed 82 battles last year, pushed 1345 yards, and 7 reached. Obviously he is also a member of the top level of the league, but who will put him first? Obviously if Hilton also hopes to get a contract worth 70 million US dollars, he may not stay in the pony.

When the experts and enthusiasts to discuss the playoffs, the Cowboys are always excluded from this list, Jones thought it was a crime. Jones and a team spokesman said, « Cowboys playoff potential is looked down upon. »

« When Justin – Durant (Justin Durant) return, 麦克克拉恩 back to linebacker, we get the three or four best defensive players, this is the last 3 games that are not, that it is important, I think Tony – Romo (Tony Romo) time is up, I enjoyed the race track in front of our offensive performance of the group, we should get the attention they deserve. « 

Packaging worker rises running guards and close-end coaches Green Bay packaging work quickly made two coaching staff adjusted after losing the season. The team announced on Tuesday in local time, Sam Gash, Sam Gash, and near-Term Edge Coach Jerry – Jerry Fontenot.

Bradley’s 2013-2016 four seasons served as the main coaches of the Americas, although there is a strong defensive performance, but the number of winners is not enough to let Jacksonville will leave him.

He said: « We have demonstrated our ability is what people want to see, so that puts us in perspective than people are foolish, we will unite to put our people together. the injury is serious, we have to face Henry – Milton (Henry Melton) leave, Ronald – Mike Klein (Rolando McClain) leave, Kraft had to play tackle, but why? because Anthony – Spencer left a great impact, and now the team is now the worst moment. « 

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The ram is the largest interest in migrating Los AngelesAt present, South California may have a NFL team, and time will not be too long. According to multi-party reports, NFL experts hinted that Los Angeles will usher in a relocation team within the next 12-24 months.

Former Red Leather Manager Selling Signature Hat for CharityScot McCluen (Scot McClour) is separated from Washington, and ends yourself in Washington’s 2-year manager. Although the time is very short, he becomes a fan of a camouflage hat, always in the training ground, etc., there is a camouflage hat attended.

The absence of the number one corner will give this weak saints, two-line defensive, plus a heavy blow, the front team, the star safety Wei Jairus Byrd has been placed in the team « Unable to debut » list In the sixth week of regular season, it will not be activated. In addition, this year, the saints will have given the three rounds of new Xiu Cenqi PJ-Williams (P. J.Williams) in the season’s reimbursement reserve this year.

Mude’s family said in the statement: « After the accident happens, he communicate with us, tell us that he loves us, knowing that we love him. Tuesday, he is ready to meet death, we have love He is a peaceful right for him. On Wednesday morning, his son took his hand and prayed for him, accompanied him to the last moment. Howard was loved by his friends and his family. In order to commemorate Howard, please daily I am laughing and smiling, telling a joke, or calling a friend, telling them that you cherish. « 

Mud used to pigeon, lightning, 49 people, Hawks, Brown, Chiefs and eagle. He served as a pony attacked front line in 1998-2009, which is his most successful time. There is a horses of the center of the center of the center of the center of Jeff Saturday killed in the super bowl, win once.

Red skin expressed will continue to use CossWashington Hongpi is currently ranking in the country of the Dangdian Eastern District. In the past two seasons, the team has used Kirk Cousins ​​as the first four-point guard, but there is no victory in 7 games. At present, Cosxus is the first place in the League of 8 times, but the team’s head coach – Jay Gruden declares in the local time, in Robert Griffin III Before, the team will not consider using the third quartz 卫 考尔-McCoy to replace Cesins award.

Three weeks ago, Grunette once said that the team could not guarantee that Cousins ​​can be awarded in the rest of the season. Since then, Cossonus has passed the 7th copy, the record of the red skin is also a thousand feet. If this is a basketball game, Cossins will have the opportunity to become an excellent best sixth person, play the team in the right time. However, for American football, this idea is somewhat uncomfortable. For the current Kusins, the mistake is his biggest problem. How to solve the current « professional career copy percentage » in the current alliance, will be the key to whether he can continue to compete.

Mike Florio, the host of American Rugby Dialogue, said in the show: « There are three teams most likely to Los Angeles & mdash; & mdash; ram, raiders and lightning. The most likely completed is the public Essay. « 

However, all the attention is concentrated on the Auckland raid, but the opposite of the St. Louis ram is not so obvious, but please remember that the boss of the ram bought the venue of Hollywood Park, this venue can create a new football stadium. . In addition, the racket lease in St. Louis has been signed a year, which means they can leave at any time and do not care about the debt problem.

The ram is the Los Angeles left in 1995. The same year’s raid people migrated to California, they did not have too many fans in Los Angeles, re-developing fans are the primary task. Speaking of the San Diego flash, they are most likely to prevent this relocation, because there is nothing benefits for the team’s market, especially the ball problem. Therefore, it seems that the ram will receive adequate attention from alliances.

Saint-Corner, Lewis, will be absent for a monthAccording to NFL official website reporters, Ian Rapoport reported that the New Orleans Saint Main Corner south – Lewis has accepted the hip repair surgery and is expected to absent four to six weeks. The specific details are not clear before, only the part of the injured in Lewis is hip mailer.

Chinese people’s nine misunderstandings simply click for source American footballThe superbit is approaching, as the heavyweight event in North America, naturally attracts the eyes of sports, the football community and the sports fan of the football community, but this movement has many misunderstandings in human impression. Be a rumor.

In fact, football and American rugby synonymous, the initial movement rules are to allow hands and feet, because when the kick is used, it is called Football. As long as Football is mentioned in the United States, it is inevitable to be American football, and football is Soccer.

The big fat man is really great, but the quarter-saving is not the smartest on the field. According to the test, as shown, the intelligent demand is the highest, two cut offers & mdash; & mdash; 26; second is the center 25; then it is quad-saving. This is the real big head has great wisdom. The offensive front line is the most important location on the field. They have escorted the four-part guarantee, accept the most direct impact, and the quarter-saving can have enough time to make the correct decision.

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The Minnesota Vikings six show from Germany was the first to enter the NFL draft directly from the Europa League by players, he hopes his career can be like the American sports world’s most famous athletes in Germany, played for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Dirk – Dirk Nowitzki (Dirk Nowitzki) the same.

Red skin signing offense cut Donald PetionBeijing July 31, the current attack, Trent Williams, did not stop the dismissal, and the red skin had to find another replacement. Donald Penn is the talent that they finally selected.

Although there is no sensation to public opinion, Miller gives the young Jaguar defensive group stable contribution. He was 27 years old. He won 30 hugs and 1 time, and there were 12 games to participate in at least 30 defensive.

Because of his excellent physical fitness and diligent rehabilitation efforts, Barkel is expected to come back in advance. Buckley, injured in September 22, has determined that it is not possible to play the game of Ming Nicotida. However, he is likely to play on Thursday, at night against the New England Patriots, at least he should participate in the seventh week of Arizona’s red rheina.

« How can someone know how long I will miss, » Baxley said in an interview, he admitted that these reports made him feel uncomfortable. « Maybe because of my goodness. How can you tell me these schedules? No one (with me) in the doctor’s office, no one has seen my ankle, everyone is different. I think Anderson doctor and Oma Meristan is very important to think is & lsquo; what you treat is patient, not injury. & Rsquo; When I heard this sentence, I will remember … Everyone has these news No one heard I will be absent from 6 to 8 weeks from my mouth. This is meaningless. « 

Talking about the loss of this week and Sunahata-shokai.Com the outlook on the rest of the season, Rivers keep confident: « We were defeated, there is no excuse. But there is no excuse, but you have to say that injuries still affect us. Therefore, we need to recover and stay health as soon as possible. In this way, we can continue to win. Now our record is 5-3, if you come back to 5-3? I believe that 10 victories can help us enter the playoffs. We need to move forward. « Lightning is currently in a correct On the road, Rivers also have been as perfect. We have reason to believe that lightning can continue to create surprises.

Viking people have taken the top of the new crown reserve listUS Time announced in the afternoon, Viking official announced that the professional bowl level outside the Adam Thielen was added to the new crown reserve list.

However, within a few days after his injury, the reports of his recovery time are everywhere. Some said he is absent for a month, some means he is expected to absence the 8 weeks. Bakley does not care about these reports.

Lost in the wild horse, Rivers remain confidentPhilip Rivers led San Diego lightning to achieve 5 wins in the last half season. For most teams, it is a gratifyingable to achieve 5 winners in the first half of the season. This is even more such for lightning, and they will be more relaxed in the next half.

Indeed, Bollinger has a long way to go, but at least not now have any contractual disagreements between him and the Vikings. Bollinger Monday became the first person in this year’s draft picks to sign. He signed a four-year, $ 2.49 million, including more than $ 1.5 million signing bonus with the Vikings. Why so soon sign? Because the Vikings to get a work visa in order to help Bollinger.

As for Nowitzki reached the height of Bollinger have a lot of work to do. Dirk Nowitzki scored more than 29,000 career points, which ranks the top ten in NBA history, he also made an NBA championship. If the Vikings from a six show players get elite-level performance, they completed one of the best draft of history.

Buckley is a good sign to return to some training on Friday. Previously, he was trained alone on the field. When asked, if you can play the game against the patriot, Bakley said: « I think it can. I think it can. As long as you continue to recover in the right way, then you can come back when you come out …. I mean Yes, it will be great. Not only because of Tom Brady, but it is because it is possible to face the patriot. Are they now the best team of NFL? You may have an objection to this, Well? Most people may say they are the best team of NFL. So, can face such a team in New England on Thursday night, it is great. « 

The team coach is in the interview with the Florida Joint Times on Tuesday: « He is really incredible. I am very sure that he has a lot of exciting performance, and last week to Baltimore Crow It is really good to play in the team. He can meet everything you need for the player. « 

Rivers said in the interview with local time: « The season consists of 16 games, this is like 16 rounds. At present, we won 5, lost 3. Although this game is very important, But we still have eight games to go all out. We need to re-adjust, the top priority is the game with Miami dolphins. « 

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No matter how you look at the purple ramp, you may not need to overrupted. It is important to know that the general manager of Cleveland Brown, John Dorsey, has not attended the show day of the University of Russia, but in the end, they still pick Baker Mayfield.

In addition, the lion or will not hesitate to strive for the right side of Rick Wagner. According to media reports, lions and Wagner’s contract will be more than 9 million US dollars per season, and another hand-to-hand Lanenson will leave the eagle.

Jones originally planned to have more guaranteed income for the mini training camp. The 28-year-old Jones is slightly $ 7 million in the next two seasons, but he feels that he should have a higher price.

The lion will sign the eagle line guard and strive for the right of the crow.
Recently, Falcon’s brokers said that in the twitter, Warreo has reached an agreement with the lion and will continue to work with the Detroit. At the age of 26, Warrero signed in 2013 with the identity and falcon, and the first three seasons were started. Last year, he played 12 games. Headed once. The 2016 season mainly served as members of the special team, 15% of the defensive group to win the ball and 53% of the special team.

The first is to keep healthy, and he has only played 8 games in the past two seasons. Second, it is to beat C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker, it seems that the wild horse will rotate to use running guards.

According to the Labor Agreement, the mini training in the first day of absence will be fined $ 12,765. However, it is not clear whether the dolphins will be fined. Dolphins may not make a fine penalty to show sincerity in future renewal negotiations.

Wagner 2013 selected selection was selected by the crow, and the first season has served as the first season, and the 2016 season shows outstanding. If the lion is successful and signed, the current lion is probably leaving him, and the 2012 first round show is also non-restrictive free players.

On the show, Murray re-participated in the weighing, and finally the results were 205 pounds, which was 2 pounds compared to the measurement, but he did not participate in height detection but continued to measure the height measured at the time of use. In addition, he will not participate in the 40-yard sprint project.

In order to fill the big list vacancies, pony will joze Josh Ferguson from training lineup. Ferguson played all 16 regular seasons last season, but this year’s training camp failed to enter the last big list.

According to nfl jerseys official website, Ian Rapoport reported that Steve Kem (Steve Keim), General Manager, Coach, Kliff Kingsbury, and Boss Michael Michael Bidwill did not attend the show day of the University of Russia. However, the red scitch did send a representative to attend.

Charles is currently the average number of players in the history of NFL, and he advances 5.5 yards in the 9 seasons. In the 2015 season, he advanced 5.1 yards at 71 times before the cross ligament of the knee. In the three games last season, his state is not as good as before, only 12 shots have been put on average 3.3 yards each time. He needs to prove to the wild horse, it is still the running guards that have been in three consecutive seasons before injury.

When we last saw Charles healthily for Kansas City, he is one of the top two threats of the Alliance. If he can return, then the wild horse has a big cheap jerseys from china. If the injury continues to harass Charles, then he may need to find other teams to stay in the fall of this fall.

« Why don’t I think I will become the first? Do you think I just join the team (mixed the day)? No, I have never been this in my life, » he said. « In my life, I have always feel that I will become the first running guard. This is why I join the wild horse. If I won’t be the first, why will I stay here? I should stay at home sitting on the sofa. »

Randley said: « There is no doubt that he is the highest level of corner of the alliance. We respect him, but we will not avoid him. I think our offensive group will look forward to getting a chance to challenge players like him. »

Dolphins replaced coach during the snaps, Adam Gases, but his history is not optimistic about the history of the sea eagle. In the past 3 times, the team in Gas is located in the sea eagle, and the team also can only advance 261.33 yards, including the super bowl of Denver Mangma and Hawks. Randri said: « If you are concerned, I want to win. I am a competitor, no matter who the opponent is, I want to win on the court. »

Randy: Dolphins will challenge Sherman
Miami dolphins will be in the first week to the Seattle Hawks. Dolphin’s professional bowls, Jarvis Landry, said that the team did not evade the regions of Richard Sherman’s defense.