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Of course, the training program entered Cape Nick will provide Garcia to enter the NFL main coach, and this is also an opportunity for Capenik career clearance. Considering that Jim Hubble next season will no longer coach at 49 people.

He said in the interview with the Bay area, he said that he was very pleased to participate in the sniper period training program: « Just like others, it is necessary to fall into the scriptures in the four-point preemption. Overcoming difficulties prove yourself. I am happy to help him. If he can open your mind, I think I can continue to help him progress. « 

As a new show in 2016, Kasler’s first 8 games in the 2016 season showed a certain capacity. He has completed 1380 yards to pass on the 9 games, got 6 reached, 2 times. But in the 2017 season, Deshene Kize replaced his position, and after Kase was derumed, it became the first, not Kessler, but Kevin Hogan. .

The reporter said: « The Falcon did not currently launch trading consultations on Len and when you were an external Jones Julio Jones. The current forecasts will continue to stay in the Falcon next season. »

How to prevent JJ-Watt has become a key task of raidistsFor Donald Penn, this week’s contest will be his career, I really encountered J.J.watt (J. J Watt) as a super star rushing hand. Pre-Tanpawan pirate player, now the Auckland raid, Zuo Wei, Pan, who has been in 2011 and is still a record of Watt. Time 荏苒, Watt will make the Oakland to face Pan again this weekend. This time, Watt has grown to the most destructive rushing hands in the alliance. Pan said: When the first time with Watt, his name has not yet been known. After that, I have never traveled with such a new version of Watt.

In the new show, Watt only won the 5.5 times, but in the 2012 season, he became a top star, won 20.5 times. How to prevent watts from become a major event. In the first week, the raid personnel were responsible for the New York jet at 14-19, and the attack front line will be more struggling. According to ESPN, the rookie of the raid in last week was stressed in the thrasque of 38.5%, and this indicator was high in the alliance.

ESPN has previously reported that the dolphins and Philadelphia are close to reaching transactions involving Jordan. Obviously, this transaction cannot be achieved, relevant web page we also think that there will be no other teams & mdash; & mdash; or even the eagle & mdash; & mdash; will face so many pressing problems in a player In the case, you will also chase him.

We now know why the pre-selection of press conferences in last week’s dolphins management refused to indicate that Jordan is currently in the club. The ball shock did not participate in the team’s offset training.

In addition to changing the ball in the super bowl, Jason McCoti performance is stable last season. In the PFF score, his anti-transmission expression is the top ten in the column. He did not show an external connections that he could not talk quickly. If Jason does not seek a big contract for other teams, a short approach is suitable for both parties.

Corner Wanjusen – McCoti hopes to continue to stay in patriotBeijing February 25th, McCodi brothers will continue to fight next season. The problem is whether their two will continue to make teammates.

In this former Oregon university star player became the 2013 draft exploration, he has already been punished more than once. Last season he absets the four games in the season due to violation of NFL improvement, and then he was banned by two games due to the ban on the ban on the ban.

Jason – McCodi’s past eight years in Tennessee Titan, who was cut off in April 2017. Then he was effective for Cleveland Brown for 1 year and traded in March last year. At the age of 31, he never became a free player at the beginning of the new league in March, but this is the third consecutive team to face the rest of the future.

In the past two season, Jordan has been a pass shock hand on the situation in accordance with the situation on the scene and the line guards in the speed-type defensive formation. Despite the only 3 times in 26 games, only 3 killing 46 times, since 2013, the dolphins were selected as the 12th and fourth and the forty-second line, the probes of the Auckland raid were selected after Jordan’s Guarantee has more than $ 14 million.

« First, if everything can solve it, I can stay in New England, » Jason said. « In this case, I don’t have to bring my family in the third consecutive year. This is a benefit. But at the same time, you realize how much is how much business decisions are not determined by emotional factors, & lsquo; Hey, I want to be Here and my brother and the familiar people will play together. & RSQUO; There are more factors to affect. «