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NFL TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the Waton Texas was trying to negotiate and negotiate with Watson. Although the new contracts have not yet been determined, Libotport is told that the average salary salary of the contract is more likely to be the same level with the contract of the Seattle Hawks 4-point Wilson, Wilsell Wilson. When Wilson continued to have a 4-year approximately $ 14 billion contract, the average annual salary was approximately $ 35 million.

The crow takes over to explain why exit the tweet

Baltimore Crow entangle Steve Smith Recently announced the quilt, he found a good reason for his exit through the smart ratio. Smith said in the official website on the local time on the local time: « The debate on the network is like a corner to participate in the overlay 2 (Cover 2) defensive tactics. This seems to be self-feeling if the safety station is behind you. Very good, but if you have to face 1 pair of 1, you have to take a few steps later. This is what I now in the twice. « 

The eighth week of the United States, the best special service group players: running guards / kickbacks, Knile Davis: Davis is in the team 34-7 defeating St. Louis ram, there is a 99 yard. The ball back to attack the ball and let the ball attack look quite relaxed.

This law enforcement official is anonymous to disclose the above situation to the Associated Press, and said that he does not know whether Miller has seen this video. He is only contact with a voice mail with a regular office, and the other party confirmed This video is included in the attachments sent.

The eighth week of the Best Technical Group Players: Washington Red Leather Kicksha Kai – Buddha FORBATH: Buddha’s game in the team’s overtime game, playing all 2 any ball shoots in the game, These include the overtilization of the overtime.

Miller has always denied that he had seen it or received video, wholesale nfl jerseys Chairman Goodel also publicly speaking, people in the official office until the « 30 Miles » (TMZ) will release this video on the website this month. arrive.

Associated Press: Les’s video has served NFL in April

A law enforcement official revealed to the Associated Press on Thursday that he has ran Ray Rice’s boxing of Ray Rice in April, and sent its coma monitoring video to NFL headquarters security. Jeffrey Miller and reminds him to pay attention.

However, when the patriots face the Kansas City chief in the next game, such a game may not be enough to win them. They certainly understand this reality. They need to work hard to prepare for strong enemies in this week.

After the rookie season performance, Watson has led Texas to enter the playoffs for two consecutive seasons and selection of professional bowls for 2 consecutive seasons. Texas executed his fifth year contract option during this year’s offers.

Smith said that one of the reasons why he exited is that there are many meaningless accusations on the tweet, even. These speech not only stay in the sports level, but also involves people. Smith will always refute these criticism without any scruple, but his wife told him that he should set a good example for the children. This also makes Smith to be determined to stay away from disputes and quit the tweet. Smith ridiculous: « In the twitter, I always want to kill them. So now I decided to quit. »

In this competition, Sony Michel has played outstanding this season, completing 9 shocks to advance 117 yards, and another running Week, REX BURKHEAD, only rushing It took 2 times in 6 times. The patriot offensive group advanced 406 yards, and the raid was defeated with 36-20.

The eighth week of the National United States of America, the best players announced

In order not to be covered by the seventh week of Denver’s Wild Horse, Pitton Manning, Pittsburgh Steelman, Sato, Rosrisberg, has played a career best performance.

Tiger has been trying to rebuild the second line of lineup over the past two seasons. 2020 season, they signed the corner Waynes and the safety Wei Feng En-Bell (VONN Bell). Mike Hilton and Shidobe Awuzie have also joined Cincinnati.

The contract salary of the APer and the black panther is 3 million US dollars. Due to the injury, he only played two games, followed by sicking in October last year. In the five seasons, Alipur was played in 57 games, starting 48, completed 219, 33 disruption, 5 times, 3 times, 3 times, forcing the ball.

After the 397 yards in the second week, the ball was passed by 397 yards, Newton did not reveal the same color of the ball in this game, but he really didn’t need to do this. Offensive groups do not need to depend on his ability.

In the face of poor Indianapolis, Rosrisberg 49 passed the 522 yards 6 times to achieve 522 yards, which is only a few more than the cheap nfl jerseys from china single game. Although the New England Patriots near-Term Reubo-Gronkowski is also quite well, he is impossible to take the eighth week of the first week of the first week of the eighth week.

The 8th Week, the best defensive player: Miami Dolphin Safety Wei Luis Delmas: Dolphin needs to help the defensive group to help the Jacksonville America. Delmas completes 81 yards back to the attack at the 81 yard.