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This game is only 31.5, this is the lowest passage score with the four-point guard career with 109 game experience. He has lost all 9 times before the game, and it has passed 3 digits. Sedimentation, the pass rate of passed is only 41.2%, which is the fourth low of his career.

According to recent reports about Romo, we can know that Romo is disappointed with the current Dallas’ performance, and retiring may be the best choice. If not, then it seems that Houston Texas will be his nice choice, if he insists on staying in Texas.

The 23-year-old Sunders took a total number of codes in the last season 1327 yards, of which the shock pushed 818 yards, set the new show record of the Hawks. This is still done in the case of his 20th run, he participated in 53% of the number of offensive files last season.

Julius – Thomas (Julius Thomas) Now switch to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Virgil – Green (Virgil Green) left team effectiveness fifth season for the Broncos. In his first four seasons, he has a lot of time as a player open the cover, which makes him a total of only 23 catches. Even now the team signed Michael Owen – Daniels (Owen Daniels), his ball figure is expected to rise somewhat, because the coach – Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) offense often as a pass to tight end ball goal. Green like the expectations.

However, the past two giants won the superbit season, people began to question him, when they were speculated, but he finally adhered to the respect of the locker, of course, we didn’t say that this will happen this season.

« I believe I can do a good job in front of my mission, » Green told ESPN. « They do not need me through a lot of goals, but I think that’s part of my game, I still can do these things. I like to open the cover, I can not feel proud by moving their wishes for the opponents in these cases, but I also proud of the ball, I feel I can do that. I want this expectation. I always believe in their ability to believe in yourself can do. this is all about the opportunity, I think there will be more now many opportunities. « 

The eagle runs to Wei Mairse-Sanders to determine the misreading

US time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Nfl Jerseys the eagle runs to Miles Sanders, did not follow the team to Washington, ready to play. This also means that Sanders is determined that the eagle will not be unveiled.

After losing to the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs last season, went through all these changes, the Broncos offensive team this season will be different. If Green can meet higher expectations for his contribution to the changes that just might attack the smaller set of data will decline.

Tiki-Baber: The giant should speculate Cauffen

Tiki Baber and Tom Kafin never friends, it is impossible to become friends, the New York Giants’ head coach and his front running guards have never been very good in the three seasons of New York, they are cold The relationship has continued to Berbee in 2006.

But this seems to have no relief, Baber is still expressing, the giant should speculate Cauffen. He said in recent days: « I have heard a similar speech, it is time to change the coach. They always want to pass the ball, and finally pay the responsibility to the attack coordinator. Now it is a defensive coordinator, so when is the wheel Go to Kufflin’s own responsibility. «