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Brown President Meries – Galt: Winning is the ultimate goal of the new seasonSince become the singularity of 2017, Myles Garrett has made him soon become one of the top defensive players in the League.

When the team regression training field, it is more attractive to the current situation of two key players cheap jerseys from China the injury return. Strong Run Antoni-Smith (Antone Smith) and the first defensive frontline player Jonathan Babineaux is expected to fight against Tantan Palm (1-7) on Sunday. Smith squatted in London to the neck in 21-22 to the Detroit Lion, Babbiqueus missed the game due to the foot injury. This year is the last year of the Smith contract, he led the team with 5 times, and Babbenx is one of several players who can cause pressure on the four-dimensional soldier.

Former Ohio State University’s Runwi Qi Jueji Ezekie Elliott selected in the first round of the 4th in the first round of Darlas, and then became the first place in the new show ball, the statistic results Time is within a week after the end of the draft.

Lions Johnson and Iblang played in this weekOn the Detroum Lion on the Detroum, the Saints of the New Orleans in Monday Night. The team’s offensive group was injured, and Calvin Johnson and Eric Eric Ebron were absented on Saturday team training. The team listed them as « doubt » in the latest injuries report.

Johnson only needs to complete 19 yards to catch the ball, he will bring a single six session averaged 1000 yards. Last week, he only completed a ball and pushed 16 yards. If Johnson can restore health, the team will continue to focus on him. It will be Brandon Browner, but it is extremely easy to foul by Brandon Browner.

The lion defensive group also suffered from injuries, defending the neck of Haloti Nagata, Safety Glover Quin ankle. It is worth mentioning that Lance Moore has returned to health, and he will have the opportunity to face the old master.

« Winning, » Galert said. « I want to enter the playoff game. You have so many goals. Everyone wants to enter the best lineup. Everyone wants to be the best player in their own position. Everyone wants to be the best defensive player in the year or I hope that they have been recognized in the event, but the final success is the team’s success. No matter how good I have performance, if our team is not good, no one will remember the performance of my season or any of our defense. I want our entire defensive group eventually showed color, entered the playoffs and shocked the championship. This is what I want to do. « 

Attacking front line card player Karami (Gabe Carimi) hurt the ankle in the London game, it would be returned, but Carlemi, which has been struggling, has lost his first right, it looks It is too likely to come back. The situation of DREW Davis is also worth more, Davis has been in the column team in the column team after the race, he is ready to be in the column team. Return but has not been activated. Another safe Wei Motta in the physical discomfort is no longer played this season. The Falcon is looking forward to the return of William Moore, who should return to the short-term injury list due to shoulder injuries.

The raid person attacks the cutting of Trent – Brown once again placed in the new crown reserve listThe Las Vegas raid man is in the new crown epidemic, and after a number of violation of the epidemic prevention, one of the best players in their array will be absent from the new crown.

Given the team was suspended during Bryant has not abandoned him, his surprising this requirement. In the period before the ban and suspension, he was the quarterback of this team – Ross Ellis Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) criticism. So far this season but Bryant has not stir up trouble.

But Brown is also plagued by other health problems. Before the game for the Brambrane Brown, Brown was mistaken when receiving the hanging salt water, causing air into the blood vessel and thus admitted to the hospital.

Outside the Steelers took over Mata Davis – Bryant asked to be tradedPittsburgh Steelers just scored this season, the most convincing victory, but they are an important wide receiver still wants to leave the team.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the Trent Brown was again placed in the new crown reserve list and expected at least one month. The raid person said that Brown’s second place was due to complications.

Since Brown was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia last month, the raid person was considered to violate the new crown anti-disease regulation and was fined $ 500,000, the coach Jon Grunden was fined $ 150,000, and the raid person was also Deprinting a sixth year of next year. So far, the raids have been fined more than $ 1.2 million due to violation of epidemic prevention.

Bryant also said he recently talked to the Steelers coaching staff to better themselves in terms of what can be done. He said after the game on Twitter: « achieved an important victory today, tomorrow to continue to work right away, I am very happy playing for the Steelers, I can not wait to win the seventh title this year. »