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Since 2017, Born re-recovered the big list of Buffalo, in just three years, it has set up a strong competitive lineup. The head coach Sean McDermott in August was continued in August, and the cooperation between the two will continue.

The lion has interviewed 3 teams in the person & mdash; & mdash; personalist Lance Newmark, responsible for the Vice President of Players, Kyle O’Brien (Kyle O & # 39; Brien) and professional event ball Roblum Roman. In addition, there is also an interview, and there are Skott Pioli, which has served in other NFL teams, Thomas Dimitroff and Rick Smith (Rick Smith) And Louis Riddick, Louis Riddle, ESPN.

Bill boss said in the statement: « Brandon is an excellent leader, bringing advantage to our club. We are grateful to one of the most respectful things, is his thorough decision preparation process. He did not A decision is made without thorough research and learning. « 

Detroit Lion Interested Corner Seattle Hawks General Manager John Schneider

Before the end of the regular season, the Detroit Lion began the search for the new general manager and had interviewed a number of candidates. But they still plan to make a heavy decision.

One of the most respected team executives, Schneider has collapsed with the coach Pin Carroll 2 times leading the sea eagle to enter the super bowl and won the championship, and the Hawks lead the two people. Become a generous guest. In Carol-Schneider New Year, the Hawow won 111 wins and 63 losses 1 flat record, which won the national association champion in the fifth season.

NFL generally holds a pre-match project in the region where the first week of the regular season will be given a pre-bowl of championship. Obviously the alliance hopes to make the 2015 season begin, because this time will be the 50th Super bowl.

Bien selected four points in 2018, Josh Allen, Allen Allen, is also one of the conventional MVP award competitors. This year’s lunar season, Bien got the team trades Stefon Diggs. Digs is currently the core of the team, the number of battles, the number of ball push, and the number of passes are expected to create a new high.

Ben Sale said in the statement: « She did not stay in hospital, currently resting at home. & Hellip; & hellip; Ben Sen Mrs. Every day, the Saint Saints is talking to the donkey staff, nor does it missed the NBA or NFL team boss conference « 

Ben Sen is 73 years old. It has confirmed infection in the past few weeks, which has previously participated in the training camp. At present, the saints have only three players to test the false positive. In order to create a space separation space for Saint players, Ben Sen leases the four-storey floor of the local Los Hotel, about 150-180 people will stay here.

The lion hopes to find an experienced general manager, but another candidate who is favored by them is the vice president of Minnesota Vice President and Assistant General Manager George Paton. Although Bartton has never been general manager, he is widely respected and working closely with the general manager Rick Spielman. Scarman’s brothers Chris is the new special assistant of Sheila Ford Hamp, and also participated in the recruitment work.

Saint Boss Gaier – Ben Sen new crown detection positive

On Friday, US Time, according to Saint Spokesman Greg Bensel, New Orleans Saint, New Orleans Gayle Benson new crown detection positive. At present, her recovery is good, and every day is improved.

NFL plans to open a large performance

In order to have a better base, the new season NFL regular season will be held, which is the Pittsburgh Steelman will have two coastal large performances before the new England patriot.

According to FOX sports news, the front large-scale performance project for the new England and the San Francisco Bay will host the front of New England and the San Francisco Bay at September 10. This means that the NFL traditional contest project is far more than the Boston area in the North California area.

Although it is hard to imagine that the lions can be able to dig such an excellent general manager cheap Jerseys From china the Hawks, Schneider does not have the power to make a person in the Hawks, and the personnel decided to decide & mdash; & mdash; the main person in charge is actually Carol. In the sea eagle, Schneider did not have a serious problem due to the close cooperation of the two. However, according to the anti-illegal contact of NFL, if the lion or any other team is willing to provide all power to Schneider, then they can try to invite him to participate in the interview. In addition, there is a team that may also try to chase Schneider.