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Original Falcon is expected to have only $ 14.4 million salary space. After only 7 wins and 9 losses in the 2018 season, they will be able to further reinforce the lineup. The salary is the biggest salary of the Alford, which is the top 15 of the top 15, is also the biggest player, which makes this decision of the Falcon in the reason.

« We thank Robert everything in 6 seasons for falcon. » Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager Thomas Dimitroff. « He contributed outstanding teams for our defensive group, we respect him. We wish Robert everything in the future. »

Opener Preview: 2012 can reproduce the classic battle?Game time to 0 seconds, Russell – Russell Wilson threw high ball near midfield in the end zone, end zone, there are seven players compete for the ball, the Packers MD Jennings ball to the security guard, but outside the Seahawks took over Gordon – Tate subsequently positively on the hands on the ball, the end zone was chaotic, the audience players, coaches and fans are waiting for the referee’s decision. At that time a special case, NFL referee discontent with the official salary the strike, a group of temporary referees the first few weeks of the regular season, but even in this group of temporary workers in the scrum for the ball absurdly penalty touchdown! The audience greeted with cheers from the fans, the players also like the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in general to celebrate the lore.

After the United States entered the final year of high school teams, almost all elite universities are invited to join him as a running back, only the University of Michigan inventive, he recruited identity cornerback, who knows even touched Woodson, so much a rugby history Hall of Fame cornerback, but less one who does not know how the future of talented running back. Physical prominent, high football IQ odd Woodson soon reveal its edge at the university stadium, where the freshman year to get the league (Big Ten) the best freshman, sophomore finalists « – Jim Thorpe Award » (University recognition stadium defensive backs) final list, the big middle of the night is the first time became the only « Heisman » defensive backs, no senior year he joined the Raiders in 1998 as the fourth overall pick. Since he never granted this award to a location other than the quarterback and running back, and their descendants poem: University of the cattle, Heisman, after Woodson, extinct rivers and lakes.

Of course, Rogers also Dengxianzhibei, after years of experience, his passing and ball passing options have been getting more sublimity, his running ability can be offensive opportunities, « nothing », some stages of the game if he can get comfortable passing environment, and complete a series of passes, then the Packers will most likely get a lot of points in limited opportunities in.

In the past 1 year, there have been 6 to 7 teams to contact the red scitch, hopes to travele Pitters, but the Rush Ramp responds, the absolutely unintentional trades have been selected 8 times to select professional bowl. Peterson.

Rogers last season’s pass hit rate of 66.6%, but the face of the pass rush pressure, the hit rate will immediately dropped to 41.8%. So the importance of this field Seahawks pass rush is not self evident. For the Packers, the Seahawks would like to find a gap in the defense group’s passing attack, a good pass protection is the first step.

However, this did not prevent the team from continuing to express the transaction intention, I hope the rickets can be pumped. Although Peterson has requested it to be traded last season, the row continues to insist not to trade him.

Dolphin Wei Huardo hopes to be tradedUS time on Tuesday, angular Wi Zeville – Xavien Howard open news on the first day of training camp, indicating that you have asked dolphins to trade themselves. The team sent an application the next day.

Atlantian big fountain cut the old man angle Robert – AlfordBeijing February 7th The end of the super bowl means the arrival of the break, and it also means that many teams have come to cut the players because the salary is cut off.

Raiders fans this week, spent two days bittersweet, Monday, the league’s Defensive Player of the largest generational Charles – Woodson (Charles Woodson) announced that this would be his last season, the next day he was selected ninth Pro bowl news, there are also selected linebacker Khalil – Mike (Kalil Mack) and fullback Marcel – Rees (Marcel Reece), three big Raiders three years, basically bid farewell to the belly forces identity Woodson can safely demobilize up.

Exposure at least 3 teams intentional trading saga horses Patrick – Pitterson Arizona Rookie Star Corner Wan Patrick Peterson will end 6 visitors in the game against New York Giants. But when he lack, the other Cheap nfl jerseys from China team did not forget him.

Woodson said the quarterback’s nightmare is not an exaggeration, Woodson league with considerable seniority only Broncos quarterback Peyton – Manning and Colts backup quarterback Matt – Hasselbeck (Matt Hasselbeck ), which is the starting point and professional achievement, and the top two can not be compared, and Manning Woodson’s team at a disadvantage compared to most teams, he has always denied the opportunity to make a show of strength in the face of Manning. In this year’s game against the Broncos, Woodson finally steals the previous two had never steals Peyton – Manning, almost reverse the game, his career last minute, on a personal resume to fill all the spaces. Was selected to the Pro Bowl rookie season, Woodson did, Peyton – Manning’s rookie wall, bid farewell to the season, was selected to the Pro Bowl, Woodson have a Peyton – Manning Wanjiebubao, Woodson’s career can be said that is not Bi Manning inferior.